Cortinarius bolaris (Pers.) Fr., (dappled webcap)

1 Oct 2000 at OSGR: SU26 in North Wilts, England

Record Summaryon large mossy stump
Found asFruitbody
Date1 October 2000
OS grid refOSGR: SU26
Lat/Lon51° 20' N, 1° 40' W
Vice CountyNorth Wilts, VC no: 7
Voucher1 Oct 2000[F]
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Notes: Spore print: slightly dark "fulvous"
Spores: amygdaliform, 6-7/4.5-5µm
Cap cuticle: filamentous, orange hyphae, 2-10µm wide, vacuolar pigment.
Cheilocystidia: cylindrical, few, 30/7µm

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