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Cortinarius (Pers.) Gray, 1821 (webcap toadstools)

Further Information

Characters to note in the field Colour of young gills - cut the cap in half. (The gills always turn brown as the spores ripen so must be a young cap.)
Colour of veil on young fruitbodies. (This often disappears and always gets stained rusty by the spores, so again, must be a young fruitbody.)
Presence of blue tinges on young gills, stipe apex or flesh - cut in half (again, use a young fruitbody as the blue often fades).

If there is no fresh young cap to cut in half, unless it's one of the distinctive species - forget it!

Sets of Photographs

These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # photos # microphotos # notes Date Vice-county Country
Cortinarius Fruitbody 17 13 4 8 Oct 2013 Dorset England
Cortinarius Fruitbody 10 7 3 8 Oct 1987 North Wiltshire England
Cortinarius Fruitbody 3 3 2 Oct 2004 West Cornwall England


Rank Taxon #subtaxa #photos #macrophotos #microphotos #notes #refs
Subgenus Cortinarius (sg) (a group of webcaps) 2 20   10   3
Species Cortinarius acutus sensu Favre. (Pers.) Fr. (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius adalbertii J. Favre ex M.M. Moser, 1948 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius aff. malachius (a Cortinarius which is very similar to C. malachius)   5 16 6    
Species Cortinarius argutus Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           2
Species Cortinarius atrovirens Kalchbr., 1874 (Olive Webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius biformis Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius bulliardii (Pers.) Fr., 1838 (Hotfoot Webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius cedretorum Maire, 1914 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius citrinus J.E. Lange ex P.D. Orton, 1960 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius depressus Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius dibaphus Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius disjungendus P. Karst., 1893 (a webcap)   8     4  
Species Cortinarius evernius (Fr.) Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius fagetorum M.M. Moser, 1967           1
Species Cortinarius haematochelis (Bull.) Fr., 1838 (a fungus)           1
Species Cortinarius hoeftii (Weinm.) Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius holophaeus J.E. Lange, 1940 (a fungus)           1
Species Cortinarius ionophyllus M.M. Moser, 1968 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius moenne-locozii Bidaud (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius mucosus (Bull.) Cooke, 1887 (Orange Webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius paragaudis Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius parvannulatus Kühner, 1955 (a webcap)   8     3  
Species Cortinarius pearsonii P.D. Orton, 1958 (a webcap)   7     4  
Species Cortinarius pholideus (Fr.) Fr., 1838 (Scaly Webcap)   19   3 4 1
Species Cortinarius poppyzon Melot (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius praestans (Cordier) Gillet, 1876 (Goliath Webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius rickenianus Maire, 1937 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius rigens (Pers.) Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius rubellus Cooke, 1887 (Deadly Webcap)           4
Species Cortinarius rubicundulus (Rea) A. Pearson, 1946 (a webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius saporatus Britzelm., 1897 (a webcap) 1         2
Species Cortinarius scutulatus (Fr.) Fr., 1838           1
Species Cortinarius subtortus (Pers.) Fr., 1838 (a webcap)   18        
Species Cortinarius torvus (Fr.) Fr., 1838 (Stocking Webcap)           1
Species Cortinarius turgidus Fr., 1838 (a webcap)   5   5    
Species Cortinarius urbicus (Fr.) Fr., 1838 (a webcap)           1
Subgenus Dermocybe (a group of webcaps) 9 83 17 5 13 8
Subgenus Inoloma (a group of webcaps) 1 9 16 5 3  
Subgenus Myxacium (slimy-stemmed webcaps) 5 30 11 9 7 7
Subgenus Phlegmacium (slimy-capped webcaps) 22 103 51 48 7 19
Subgenus Telamonia (hygrophanous webcaps) 17 87 160 73 29 11

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Journées européennes du Cortinaire: Journées européennes du Cortinaire
Karl Soop's Mycology page: Karl Soop's Mycology page
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Cortinarius on Leif & Anita Stridvall's Botanical Site: Cortinarius on Leif & Anita Stridvall's Botanical Site

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(living things)
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(spore droppers)
(a subclass of basidiomycetes)
(mushrooms and toadstools)
(webcaps, rootshanks and the gypsy)
Ectomycorrhizal fungi (via Cortinarius) Macromycetes (via Cortinariaceae) Fungi sl.

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