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All images on this site are copyright. Most (>99%) are copyright Malcolm Storey, the others are copyright to various friends.

The images on the BioImages website come from several sources:

1. Digital images from a variety of digital cameras. These include most of the more recent (ie post year 2000) photographs.

2. Scanned slides from my personal 35mm transparency collection. These date from pre-1990.

3. Direct scans of specimens processed during environmental survey work, mostly 1990-2000.

4. Digital images from a Pixera Pro digital camera. These include most of the early macro shots and photomicrographs, mostly 2000-2002.

5. Images of specimens in national, local and private collections.

With the exception of a few originals which were already smaller, the pictures on this site have been reduced to a maximum of 500 pixels along the longer dimension. The full-size originals can be made available for non-exclusive use, if required.

Note: I'm often asked if images can be supplied at 300 dpi for printing. This is a meaningless question - any image can be set to 300 dpi. A 10 by 10 pixel image can be set to 300dpi, but it will only be 1/30th inch square! The only thing that really matters is number of pixels. If you want confirmation of resolution, please specify the required size (cms or inches) as well.

Conditions of Use

My original work on this site is published under a Creative Commons licence:
Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise expressly stated, all original material on the BioImages website by
Malcolm Storey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales

In addition to the above, up to five images may be used, free of charge, by the following people or groups:

1. Lecturers, teachers and students for uses directly pertaining to research or teaching of biology, environmental science, conservation or similar non-exploitative wildlife-related subjects.

2. Voluntary groups or individuals working on unfunded projects (including other websites) relating to wildlife/habitat conservation, taxonomy or field biology for use for informational purposes.

For larger numbers of images you may be asked to supply more detailed information and a complimentary copy of any resulting printed material.

Commercial use is subject to a modest per-image fee for single non-exclusive use. As this is a not-for-profit site, all proceeds are used to buy books and materials for further developing the site.

IMPORTANT: Images from BioImages must always be displayed bearing a copyright statement with the photographer's name. The name of the photographer will be confirmed when you contact me. Unless otherwise advised, please credit to "Copyright Malcolm Storey,"

All enquiries, please email me:

Malcolm Storey, 17 Feb 2016
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