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AGARICOMYCETIDAE Parmasto (a subclass of basidiomycetes)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Subclass)

AMYLOCORTICIALES K.H. Larss., Manfr. Binder & Hibbett (an order of fungi) Order 3 subtaxa  
AMYLOCORTICIACEAE Jülich (a family of fungi) Family 3 subtaxa  
Ceraceomyces Jülich (a genus of resupinate fungi)
Genus 2 subtaxa 5 ident refs
Irpicodon pendulus (Alb. & Schwein.) Pouzar (Pendent Bracket) Species   1 ident refs
ATHELIALES Jülich (an order of basidiomycetes)
Order 14 subtaxa 21 ident refs
AURICULARIALES J. Schröt. (an order of jelly fungi)
AURICULARIACEAE (a family of jelly fungi), eg: Exidia glandulosa (Witches' Butter) - Fruitbody - in situ Guepinia helvelloides (Salmon Salad), eg: Guepinia helvelloides (Salmon Salad) - Fruitbody - lain down Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (Jelly Tooth, Jelly Tongue), eg: Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (Jelly Tooth, Jelly Tongue) - Fruitbody - top view
Order 29 subtaxa 46 ident refs
BARTHELETIACEAE R. Bauer, Scheuer, M. Lutz & Grube (a family of basidiomycetes) Family 1 subtaxon  
Bartheletia paradoxa G. Arnaud ex Scheuer, R. Bauer, M. Lutz, Stabenth., Melnik & Grube (a basidiomycete) Species   1 ident refs
BOLETALES E.-J. Gilbert (spongecap toadstools and their relatives)
BOLETACEAE (sponge cap toadstools), eg: Phylloporus pelletieri (Golden-gilled Bolete) - Fruitbody with forked stipe - side view showing gills - lain down CONIOPHORACEAE (a family of resupinate boletes), eg: Coniophora arida (Dry Duster) - Fruitbody with fungal galls DIPLOCYSTIDIACEAE (barometer earthstars), eg: Astraeus hygrometricus (Barometer Earthstar) - Two immature fruitbodies GOMPHIDIACEAE (spike toadstools), eg: Chroogomphus rutilus (Copper Spike, Pine Spike-cap) - Fruitbody HYGROPHOROPSIDACEAE (false chanterelles), eg: Hygrophoropsis pallida (False Chanterelle - Pale Form) - Fruitbody - turned over to show gills and stipe PAXILLACEAE (a family of bolete toadstools), eg: Unidentified Paxillus (Unidentified Mycorrhizal Rollrims) - Fruitbody - oblique view - in situ RHIZOPOGONACEAE (beard truffles), eg: Rhizopogon luteolus (Yellow False Truffle, Yellow Beard Truffle) - Fruitbody - in situ SCLERODERMATACEAE (earthballs and dyeballs), eg: Scleroderma areolatum (Leopard Earthball, Leopard-spotted Earthball) - Side view - showing root SERPULACEAE (a family of resupinate boletes), eg: Serpula lacrymans (Dry Rot) - Fruitbody - close-up SUILLACEAE (a family of boletes), eg: Suillus bovinus (Bovine Bolete) - Cap TAPINELLACEAE (lignicolous rollrims), eg: Tapinella panuoides (Oyster Rollrim) - Fruitbody - top view
Order 122 subtaxa 190 ident refs
CANTHARELLALES Gäum. (chanterelles, hedgehog fungi and some fairy clubs and resupinates)
BOTRYOBASIDIACEAE (a family of resupinate fungi), eg: Botryobasidium candicans (a resupinate fungus) - Fruitbody CANTHARELLACEAE (chanterelles), eg: Craterellus cornucopioides (Horn Of Plenty) - In situ - cap CLAVULINACEAE (a family of fairy clubs), eg: Clavulina cinerea (Grey Coral) - Fruitbody - in situ HYDNACEAE (hedgehog fungi), eg: Hydnum repandum (Wood Hedgehog, Hedgehog Fungus) - Clamp connection in cap tomentum
Order 47 subtaxa 62 ident refs
CERATOBASIDIALES Jülich (an order of resupinate fungi) Order   1 ident refs
CORTICIALES K.H. Larss. (an order of fungi)
CORTICIACEAE (a family of resupinate fungi), eg: Marchandiomyces corallinus (a lichenicolous anamorphic basidiomycete) - Colony
Order 16 subtaxa 39 ident refs
DACRYMYCETALES Henn. (an order of jelly fungi)
DACRYMYCETACEAE (a family of jelly fungi), eg: Calocera viscosa (Yellow Stagshorn) - Fruitbody
Order 5 subtaxa 11 ident refs
GOMPHALES Jülich (an order of fairy clubs)
CLAVARIADELPHACEAE (a family of fungi), eg: Clavariadelphus pistillaris (Giant Club) - Fruitbody - side view - in sit GOMPHACEAE (a family of fairy clubs), eg: Ramaria abietina (Greening Coral) - Fruitbody - in situ
Order 18 subtaxa 24 ident refs
Unidentified Grandinia (Unidentified Grandinia Resupinate Spine Fungi) Unidentified    
HYMENOCHAETALES Oberw. (an order of basidiomycete fungi)
HYMENOCHAETACEAE (a family of bracket fungi), eg: Inonotus hispidus (Shaggy Bracket) - Fruitbody SCHIZOPORACEAE (a family of bracket and resupinate fungi), eg: Schizopora paradoxa (Split Porecrust) - Fruitbody
Order 48 subtaxa 72 ident refs
PHALLALES E. Fisch. (stinkhorns, cage and coral fungi, earthstars, truffles and fairy clubs)
CLATHRACEAE (cage fungi), eg: Clathrus archeri (Devil's Fingers) - Reared fruitbody PHALLACEAE (stinkhorns), eg: Phallus impudicus var. impudicus (Stinkhorn) - Fruitbodies - in situ
Order 10 subtaxa 19 ident refs
POLYPORALES Gäum. (polypores)
FOMITOPSIDACEAE (a family of bracket fungi), eg: Ischnoderma benzoinum (Benzoin Bracket) - Bracket - top view GANODERMATACEAE (a family of bracket fungi), eg: Ganoderma pfeifferi (Beeswax Bracket) - Fruitbody - section MERIPILACEAE (giant polypores), eg: Grifola frondosa (Hen Of The Woods) - Fruitbody cluster - oblique view MERULIACEAE (rosette fungi), eg: Phlebia rufa (a resupinate fungus) - Fruitbody PHANEROCHAETACEAE (a family of polypores), eg: Ceriporiopsis gilvescens (Pink Porecrust) - Fruitbody POLYPORACEAE (a family of polypores), eg: Epithele typhae (a resupinate fungus) - Fruitbody SPARASSIDACEAE (cauliflower fungi), eg: Sparassis crispa (Wood Cauliflower, Brain Fungus) - Fruitbody - mature - top view XENASMATACEAE (a family of polypores), eg: Phlebiella sulphurea (Yellow Cobweb) - Fruitbody
Order 137 subtaxa 191 ident refs
RUSSULALES Kreisel ex P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon & J.C. David (an order of toadstools)
AMYLOSTEREACEAE (a family of fungi), eg: Amylostereum laevigatum (Yew Duster) - Fruitbody AURISCALPIACEAE (a family of basidiomycetes), eg: Lentinellus vulpinus (Fox Cockleshell) - Fruitbody - mature - gills - upturned BONDARZEWIACEAE (a family of fungi), eg: Heterobasidion annosum (Root Rot, Root Fomes, White Pocket Rot - causative organism) - Bracket - in situ HERICIACEAE (a family of lignicolous tooth fungi), eg: Hericium cirrhatum (Tiered Tooth) - Fruitbody - underside PENIOPHORACEAE (a family of fungi), eg: Peniophora proxima (a resupinate fungus) - Fruitbody RUSSULACEAE (milkcaps and russulas), eg: Lactarius blennius (Slimy Milk-cap, Beech Milkcap) - Fruitbody - oblique view - in situ STEREACEAE (a family of fungi), eg: Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae (Pink Disco) - Fruitbody
Order 184 subtaxa 230 ident refs
THELEPHORALES Corner ex Oberw. (an order of basidiomycete fungi)
BANKERACEAE (a family of stipitate tooth fungi), eg: Bankera fuligineoalba (Drab Tooth) - Fruitbody - side view THELEPHORACEAE (a family of basidiomycete fungi), eg: Tomentella sublilacina (a resupinate fungus) - Fruitbody
Order 33 subtaxa 60 ident refs

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Identification Works

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Knudsen, H. & Vesterholt, J. (eds), 2012 Funga Nordica (2 vols)
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