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Sibthorpia europaea L. (Cornish Moneywort)

Sets of Photographs

These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # photos Date Vice-county Country
Sibthorpia europaea In flower 8 8 13 Aug 2009 East Cornwall England
Sibthorpia europaea 4 4 18 May 2004 South Devon England
Sibthorpia europaea Plant 3 3 17 Mar 2008 East Cornwall England
Sibthorpia europaea 2 2 27 Sep 2004 South Devon England

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Pearman, D.A., 2012 Chrysosplenium alternifolium / C. oppositifolium / Glechoma
hederacea / Sibthorpia europaea

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