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Schizophyllum commune Fr. (Splitgill, Common Porecrust)

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Watling, R. & Gregory, N.M., 1989 Crepidotaceae, Pleurotaceae and other pleurotoid Agarics
Watling, R. Schizophyllum commune

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Macromycetes (via Schizophyllaceae) Fungi s.l.

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Further Information

Notes (MWS) A formerly rare bracket fungus that has become quite common in the south in recent decades. Usually growing on fallen wood it also forms characteristic clumps bursting through the plastic wrapping of "big bale" hay. As the name implies it is unusual in having paired gills which lie face-to-face when wet but roll up and separate as they dry. Only the outside surface bears spores and this is protected when rolled up.
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