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Rickenella swartzii (Fr.) Kuyper (Collared Mosscap)

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AntonĂ­n, V. & Noordeloos, M.E., 2004 A Monograph of the genera Hemimycena, Delicatula, Fayodia, Gamundia, Myxomphalia, Resinomycena, Rickenella and Xeromphalina (Tribus Myceneae sensu Singer, Mycena excluded) in Europe
Kuyper, T.W., 1995 Rickenella Raithelhuber in Metrodiana 4: 67. 173

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Fungi s.l. (via Fungi)

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Further Information

Notes (MWS) This small toadstool is pale greyish brown, darkening to almost violet at the stipe apex and centre of the cap. All the surfaces are covered with cystidia so that it appears entirely furry under a strong lens. It is very common, usually in moss, in grassland.
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