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Rhinanthus minor L. (Yellow-rattle, "The Meadow-maker")

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Westbury, B.D. & Davies, A., 2005 (Colour photograph) Yellow Rattle - its natural history and use in grassland diversification

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BioInfo BioInfo ( has 4 feeding and other relationships of Rhinanthus minor (Yellow-rattle, "The Meadow-maker")

Further Information

Wildlife Gardening An excellent plant for a wildlife lawn. As well as providing colour, its parasitic action keeps the grass and other vigorous plants short so enables smaller plants to flower and reduces the need for mowing.

Can be hard to establish, especially if the grass is lush, but once established will keep the grass under control.

It took about 8 years to establish on our lawn/meadow. Each year we'd get two or three plants. It's not related to quantity of seed (I put a lot of seed on in the first couple of years), it doesn't build up a seed bank nor does it live underground for a few years as an invisible parasite like many orchids (it's said that heavy sheep grazing can eradicate the plant in one season). It wasn't until the drought knocked the other plants back in summer 06 and spring 07 that it really got away.
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