Gymnopilus dilepis (Berk. & Broome) Singer
(magenta rustgill)

Taxonomic hierarchy:
SpeciesGymnopilus dilepis (magenta rustgill)
GenusGymnopilus (rustgill toadstools)
FamilySTROPHARIACEAE (a family of toadstools)
OrderAGARICALES (mushrooms and toadstools)
ClassAGARICOMYCETES (a class of fungi)
PhylumBASIDIOMYCOTA (spore droppers)
KingdomFUNGI (true fungi)
DomainEukaryota (eukaryotes)
LifeBIOTA (living things)
Records of Gymnopilus dilepis (Magenta Rustgill) :
1: Gymnopilus dilepis (Magenta Rustgill)
18 Oct 2007 OSGR: SU56 51° 30' N, 1° 10' W Vice County: Berks (VC 22) England
on warm, rotting, piles of chipped birch wood
Image 1: Cap - young - showing bluish tones on bruisingImage 2: Cap - young - showing bluish tones on bruising (2)Image 3: CollectionImage 4: Fruitbodies - faded - in situImage 5: Fruitbodies - fresh - arrangedImage 6: Fruitbodies - fresh - in situImage 7: Fruitbodies - fresh - in situ (2)Image 8: Fruitbodies - young and fresh - in situImage 9: Fruitbody - fresh - side view - lain downImage 10: Fruitbody - fresh - side view - lain down (2)Image 11: Fruitbody - fresh - side view - lain down (3)Image 12: Fruitbody - LSImage 13: Gills and upper stipe showing descending membranous ringImage 14: Fruitbody - young showing veil over intact ring - enlargedImage 15: Cap cuticle - magnifiedImage 16: Cap cuticle scale - microscope low magnificationImage 17: Chrysocystidia - gill edge prep - magnifiedImage 18: Chrysocystidia - gill edge prep - magnified (2)Image 19: Chrysocystidia - gill face prep - magnifiedImage 20: Gill portion - microscope low magnificationImage 21: Spores - magnifiedImage 22: Spores - highly magnifiedImage 23: Spores - highly magnified (2)Image 24: Spores - highly magnified (3)

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A beautiful toadstool which is bright purple when young, (resembling Tricholompsis rutilans but with a ring), rapidly fading to orange-brown. Originally from South East Asia where it grows on old coconut stumps, it was possibly introduced with coir imported for horticultural use as a peat replacement.

It is one of a number of recent introductions and colonists which grow on wood chips. It is becoming more common and widespread in this habitat, but requires warmth so is restricted to large piles of chips which are heating up through fermention, or indoors in pots with house plants.

This is one of a complex of very similar species in South East Asia and Australasia and there's always the possibility of one of its close relatives also being present in this country.
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