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CHRYSIDOIDEA (a superfamily of solitary wasps)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Superfamily)

BETHYLIDAE (bethylid wasps)
Family 2 subtaxa 5 ident refs
CHRYSIDIDAE (rubytail or cuckoo-wasps)
Chrysis (a genus of rubytail wasps), eg: Chrysis angustula (a rubytail wasp) - Female - dorsal view Hedychrum niemelai (a rubytail wasp), eg: Hedychrum niemelai (a rubytail wasp) - Dorsal view Pseudomalus auratus (a rubytail wasp), eg: Pseudomalus auratus (a rubytail wasp) - Dorsal view Unidentified Chrysididae (Unidentified Rubytail or Cuckoo-wasps), eg: Unidentified Chrysididae (Unidentified Rubytail or Cuckoo-wasps) - Lateral view
Family 9 subtaxa 10 ident refs
DRYINIDAE (dryinid wasps)
Anteon (a genus of dryinid wasps), eg: (Anteon cf flavicorne) (a pair of closely similar Dryinid wasps) - Dryinid parasite on Homopteran bug - dorsal view
Family 1 subtaxon 3 ident refs
EMBOLEMIDAE (a family of parasitic wasps) Family   3 ident refs
MUTILLIDAE (velvet ants)
Mutilla europaea (Large Velvet Ant), eg: Mutilla europaea (Large Velvet Ant) - Female - dorsal view Smicromyrme rufipes (Small Velvet Ant), eg: Smicromyrme rufipes (Small Velvet Ant) - Top view
Family 2 subtaxa 5 ident refs
SAPYGIDAE (a family of solitary wasps) Family   5 ident refs
TIPHIIDAE (a family of solitary wasps) Family   5 ident refs

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(living things)
(insects and other 6-legged organisms)
(true insects)
(ants, bees and wasps, sawflies and parasitoid wasps)
(aculeates: bees, wasps and ants)

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