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Cercospora Fresen. (a genus of dematiaceous anamorphic fungi)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Form genus)

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Braun, U., 1995 Monograph of Cercosporella, Ramularia and Allied Genera - Vol 1
Groenewald, J.Z. et al, 2013 Species concepts in Cercospora: spotting the weeds among the roses

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(spore shooters)
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(a family of ascomycetes and lichens)
Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes (via Cercospora) Fungi s.l.

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Further Information

Notes (MWS) A form genus of anamorphic obligate plant necrotrophs which cause pale brown, grey or whitish leaf-spots on living leaves. Under a hand lens, clusters of dark conidiophores can be seen emerging through the stomata, usually on the lower leaf surface. Under the microscope, the hyaline, cylindric conidia have numerous septa.

Cercospora anamorphs are found on a wide range of mostly herbaceous plants. A host-specific species concept has traditionally been followed resulting in a large number of species. This ignores a considerable body of work which demonstrates that many species have wide host ranges, even across multiple plant families.
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