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CAPNODIALES Woron. (sooty moulds)

Sets of Photographs

These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # photos # macrophotos # microphotos Date Vice-county Country
Capnodiales? Imperfect stage 9 1 2 6 1 May 2007 Berks England


Rank Taxon #subtaxa #photos #macrophotos #microphotos #refs
Family ASTERINACEAE Hansf. (a family of ascomycetes) 4       7
Family CAPNODIACEAE (Sacc.) Höhn. ex Theiss. (a family of sooty moulds) 5   3 6 6
Family DAVIDIELLACEAE C.L. Schoch, Spatafora, Crous & Shoemaker (a family of ascomycetes) 11 29 7 53 9
Family MYCOSPHAERELLACEAE Lindau (a family of ascomycetes and lichens) 114 354 378 300 127
Family SCHIZOTHYRIACEAE Höhn. ex Trotter, Sacc., D. Sacc. & Traverso (a family of fly speck fungi) 2        
Species Schizothyrium pomi (Mont. & Fr.) Arx (Apple Fly Speck)         1
Species Schizothyrium speireum (Fr.) L. Holm & K. Holm (a fly speck fungus)         1
Species Scirrhia castagnei (Mont.) Nitschke (an ascomycete)         1
Family TERATOSPHAERIACEAE Crous & U. Braun (a family of fungi) 1        
Anamorphic Species Readeriella mirabilis Syd. & P. Syd. (a coelomycete)         1

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

von Arx, J.A. & Muller, E., 1975 A re-evaluation of the bitunicate ascomycetes with keys to families and genera

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