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Bovista plumbea Pers. (Grey Puffball, Lead Balloon)

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(living things)
(true fungi)
(spore droppers)
(a class of fungi)
(mushrooms and toadstools)
(mushrooms, dapperlings and parasols)
(bovists, balloon fungi)
Macromycetes (via Agaricales) Fungi s.l.

Further Information

Notes (MWS) A small puffball (usually no more than an inch in diameter) which is white when young becoming darker as it matures until the exoperidium (outer skin) cracks like the shell of a boiled egg and flakes away exposing the leaden grey or brown endoperidium (inner skin). The spores are released through a slightly protruding opening, which can be round, slit-like or irregular. The fruitbody may become loose at maturity and often blows some distance from where it grew. Widespread and very common in many types of grassland including fertilised lawns.
British records 1202
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