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Auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.) Wettst. (Jelly Ear, The Jew’S Ear, Judas’S Ear Fungus)

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These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

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Identification Works

Henrici, A., 2007 (Colour photograph) Notes and Records (April 2007)
Ingold, C.T., 1985 An extended view of the basidium
Preece, 2000 (white form) White Jew's Ear fungus in Shropshire

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(an order of jelly fungi)
Macromycetes (via Auriculariaceae) Fungi s.l.

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Further Information

Notes (MWS) A very common "jelly fungus" usually growing on dead branches of *Sambucus* but found on a variety of other broad-leaved trees especially *Fagus*.
Notes (MWS) An ear-like jelly fungus that is characteristic of dead branches of Elder (*Sambucus nigra*) but can also be found on other types of wood, especially Beech (*Fagus*). The english name derives from Judas Iscariot ("The Jew") who was said to have committed suicide in remorse, by hanging himself from an Elder tree (which thereafter became the stunted shrub we know).
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