Arhopalus rusticus (Linnaeus, 1758)
(dusky longhorn beetle)

Taxonomic hierarchy:
SpeciesArhopalus rusticus (dusky longhorn beetle)
GenusArhopalus (a genus of beetles)
FamilyCERAMBYCIDAE (longhorn beetles)
SuperfamilyCHRYSOMELOIDEA (leaf, longhorn and seed beetles)
OrderCOLEOPTERA (beetles)
Division Endopterygota (bees, beetles, flies, moths and other insects with wings developing internally)
InfraclassNeoptera (bees, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, moths and other advanced insects)
SubclassPTERYGOTA (bees, beetles, dragonflies, flies, grasshoppers, moths and other winged insects)
ClassINSECTA (true insects)
SubphylumHEXAPODA (insects and other 6-legged organisms)
PhylumARTHROPODA (arthropods)
SuperphylumECDYSOZOA (skin shedders)
CladeBilateria (bilaterally symmetrical animals)
SubkingdomEUMETAZOA (metazoans)
KingdomANIMALIA (animals)
DomainEukaryota (eukaryotes)
LifeBIOTA (living things)
Records of Arhopalus rusticus (Dusky Longhorn Beetle) :
1: Arhopalus rusticus (Dusky Longhorn Beetle)
17 May 2017 OSGR: TQ17 51° 30' N, 0° 20' W Vice County: Surrey (VC 17) England
indoors in pub; there was a log fire and perhaps the warmth encouraged it to emerge from the fire-wood.
Image 1: Adult - dorsal view - enlarged - silver backgroundImage 2: Adult - head - antero-dorsal view - magnified - silver backgroundImage 3: Adult - lateral view - enlarged - silver backgroundImage 4: Adult - ventral view - enlarged - silver backgroundImage 5: Adult - hind tarsal segments 3-5 - dorsal view - microscope low magnification - silver backgroundImage 6: Adult - hind tarsi - postero-dorsal view - microscope low magnification - silver background

Arhopalus rusticus (Dusky Longhorn Beetle) may be covered by identification literature listed under the following higher taxa:

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