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Cucujiformia (a group of beetles)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Series (Zoo.))

CLEROIDEA Latreille, 1802 (a superfamily of beetles) Superfamily 3 subtaxa  
CLERIDAE Latreille, 1802 (checquered beetles)
Opilo mollis (a chequered beetle), eg: Opilo mollis (a chequered beetle) - Dorsal view
Family 1 subtaxon 4 ident refs
MELYRIDAE Leach, 1815 (malachite beetles) Family   1 ident refs
TROGOSSITIDAE Latreille, 1802 (domed fungus beetles) Family   2 ident refs
CUCUJOIDEA Latreille, 1802 (a superfamily of beetles)
BYTURIDAE (raspberry beetles), eg: Byturus tomentosus (Raspberry Beetle) - Two beetles, feeding in buttercup flower COCCINELLIDAE (ladybirds, ladybugs), eg: Harmonia axyridis var. conspicua (Harlequin Ladybird - Black Form With Two Red Spots, Crescents or Bull's Eyes) - Adult - dorsal view ENDOMYCHIDAE (false ladybirds), eg: Endomychus coccineus (a false ladybird) - Adult - dorsal view EROTYLIDAE (shiny fungus beetles), eg: Triplax aenea (a shiny fungus beetle) - Adult - dorsal view LATRIDIIDAE (mould beetles), eg: (Latridius minutus agg.) (a group of mould beetles) - Dorsal view NITIDULIDAE (pollen and sap beetles), eg: Pityophagus ferrugineus (a pollen or sap beetle) - Dorsal view
Superfamily 53 subtaxa 75 ident refs
CURCULIONOIDEA Latreille, 1802 (weevils and allied beetles)
ANTHRIBIDAE (fungus weevils), eg: Platyrhinus resinosus (Cramp-ball Fungus Weevil) - Dorsal view APIONIDAE (a family of seed weevils), eg: Ceratapion (Ceratapion) carduorum (a seed weevil) - Female - dorsal view ATTELABIDAE (a family of leaf-roller weevils), eg: Apoderus coryli (Hazel Leaf-roller Weevil) - Adult - dorsal view CURCULIONIDAE (weevils), eg: Mecinus pascuorum (a weevil) - Female - dorsal view ERIRHINIDAE (a family of weevils), eg: Grypus equiseti (Horsetail Weevil) - Top view NANOPHYIDAE (a family of seed weevils), eg: Nanophyes marmoratus (Loosestrife Weevil) - Dorsal view RHYNCHITIDAE (a family of leafroller weevils), eg: Deporaus (Deporaus) betulae (Birch Leaf-roller, Birch Leaf Roller) - Rolled leaf - opened up - underside - transmitted light
Superfamily 111 subtaxa 104 ident refs
LYMEXYLOIDEA Fleming, 1821 (timber beetles) Superfamily 1 subtaxon  
LYMEXYLIDAE Fleming, 1821 (timber beetles) Family   2 ident refs
TENEBRIONOIDEA (a superfamily of beetles)
CIIDAE (small fungus beetles), eg: Cis bidentatus (a small fungus beetle) - Male - dorsal view MELOIDAE (oil beetles), eg: Meloe violaceus (Violet Oil-beetle) - Male - dorsal view MORDELLIDAE (a family of tumbling flower beetles), eg: Variimorda villosa (a tumbling flower beetle) - Adult - dorsal view MYCETOPHAGIDAE (hairy fungus beetles), eg: Litargus connexus (a hairy fungus beetle) - Adult - dorsal view OEDEMERIDAE (thick-legged flower beetles), eg: Oedemera (Oncomera) femoralis (a thick-legged flower beetle) - Adult - dorsal view PYROCHROIDAE (cardinal beetles), eg: Pyrochroa serraticornis (Red-headed Cardinal Beetle) - Dorsal view SALPINGIDAE (false weevils), eg: Salpingus ruficollis (a false weevil) - Dorsal view - close-up SCRAPTIIDAE (a family of tumbling flower beetles), eg: Anaspis (Anaspis) frontalis (a tumbling flower beetle) - Side view TENEBRIONIDAE (darkling and flour beetles), eg: Cteniopus sulphureus (Sulphur Beetle) - Dorsal view
Superfamily 41 subtaxa 63 ident refs

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