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APOIDEA (solitary and hive bees)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Superfamily)

ANDRENIDAE (a family of solitary bees)
Andrena (mining bees), eg: Andrena (Melandrena) nitida (Grey-patched Mining Bee) - Female - dorsal view - wings apart Panurgus calcaratus (Small Shaggy Bee), eg: Panurgus calcaratus (Small Shaggy Bee) - Dorsal view
Family 8 subtaxa 6 ident refs
APIDAE (bees)
Anthophora (flower bees), eg: Anthophora (Anthophora) plumipes (Hairy-footed Flower Bee, Hairy Footed Flower Bee) - Female - dorsal view Apis mellifera (Honey Bee, Hive Bee), eg: Apis mellifera (Honey Bee, Hive Bee) - Worker - lateral view Bombus (bumble bees or humble bees & cuckoo bees), eg: Bombus rupestris (Hill Cuckoo Bee) - Female - dorsal view Nomada (nomad bees), eg: Nomada fabriciana (Fabricius' Nomad Bee) - Female - dorsal view
Family 30 subtaxa 25 ident refs
COLLETIDAE (plasterer and yellow-faced bees) Family 3 subtaxa  
Colletes (Colletes) hederae Schmidt & Westrich, 1993 (Ivy Bee)
Latero-dorsal view - close-up
Species   3 ident refs
Colletes (Colletes) succinctus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Heather (Girdled) Colletes) Species   1 ident refs
Hylaeus Fabricius, 1793 (yellow-face bees)
Hylaeus (Lamdopsis) annularis (Shingle Yellow-face Bee), eg: Hylaeus (Lamdopsis) annularis (Shingle Yellow-face Bee) - Male - latero-dorsal view - in situ
Genus 1 subtaxon 3 ident refs
HALICTIDAE (a family of solitary bees)
Halictus (end-banded furrow bees), eg: Halictus (Seladonia) tumulorum (Bronze Furrow-bee) - Female - postero-dorsal view - wings spread Lasioglossum (base-banded furrow bees), eg: Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) calceatum (Slender Mining Bee, Common Furrow Bee) - Male - dorsal view - wings spread Sphecodes (blood bees), eg: Sphecodes gibbus (Dark-winged Blood Bee) - Dorsal
Family 11 subtaxa 7 ident refs
MEGACHILIDAE (a family of solitary bees)
Anthidium (Anthidium) manicatum (Wool-carder Bee), eg: Anthidium (Anthidium) manicatum subsp. nigrithorax (Wool-carder Bee (British Form With Dark Thorax)) - Female - dorsal view Hoplitis (lesser mason bees), eg: Hoplitis (Alcidamea) claviventris (Welted Lesser Mason Bee) - Female - dorsal view Megachile (leaf-cutter and mud bees), eg: Megachile (Megachile) ligniseca (Wood-carving Leaf-cutter Bee) - Male - dorsal view Osmia (mason bees), eg: Osmia (Neosmia) bicolor (Two-coloured Mason Bee) - Female - dorsal view - wings apart
Family 13 subtaxa 10 ident refs
MELITTIDAE (a family of solitary bees) Family 1 subtaxon  
Macropis europaea Warncke, 1973 (Yellow Loosestrife Bee, Oil Collecting Bee)
Dorsal view

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Identification key to the European genera of bees (Insecta:Apoidea): Identification key to the European genera of bees (Insecta:Apoidea)
Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants and relatives): Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants and relatives)
Falk, S.J., 2015 Field guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland
"Intruiged by nature" Photography: "Intruiged by nature" Photography
Williams, R. & Edwards, M., in prep. An Introduction to Bees in Britain

Genus key

Williams, R. & Edwards, M., in prep. An Introduction to Bees in Britain

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