Lepiota oreadiformis Velen., (a dapperling)

25 Oct 2005 at OSGR: SU46 in Berks, England

Record Summary6 fruitbodies, scattered over 10m, in species-rich grassland
Found asFruitbody
Date25 October 2005
OS grid refOSGR: SU46
Lat/Lon51° 20' N, 1° 20' W
Vice CountyBerks, VC no: 22
Voucher25 Oct 2005[G]
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Notes: Often rooting, or attached to evident white mycelium running through bleached litter.
Smell: weakly Scleroderma.
Spore print: white, dextrinoid.

Gill edge: infertile, covered with cheilocystidia.
Cheilocystidia: clavate to slightly pointed, 25/8-13µm.
Basidia: 4-spored.
Spores: narrowly ellipsoid-amygdaliform, 11-13/4.5-5µm.
Cap cuticle: central spot: a subhymeniform layer of erect clavate to capitate cells, overlain with superficial long cylindric, brownish cells.
mid radius: filamentous, repent, end cells of two sorts: short, hyaline, clavate to capitate, clamped cells, 25-40/8-12µm, overlain by long, narrow cylindric, thin-walled, pale brownish cells, 250-300/10-13µm.

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standard photographs and close-ups:

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