Podoscypha multizonata (Berk. & Broome) Pat., (zoned rosette)

21 Oct 2000 at OSGR: SU56 in Berks, England

Record Summaryapparently on soil, under Oak
Found asFruitbody
Date21 October 2000
Associated organismQuercus robur
OS grid refOSGR: SU56
Lat/Lon51° 30' N, 1° 10' W
Vice CountyBerks, VC no: 22
Voucher21 Oct 2000[C]
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Notes: Form: wrinkled sheets, fused at edges and where touch neighbours; final 5mm or so translucent when held to light; extreme edge sharp and finely white pruinose. Fungus dries patchily black.
Upper surface: matt with short sharp longitudinal ridges, especially towards base. "Buff" towards base, tinged "vinaceous buff" towards margin.
Under surface: pale "vinaceous buff", longitudinally wrinkled.
Flesh: fibrous, pale "brick", (below and when waterlogged) to "fawn" then "buff" upwards; growing around grass stems.
Smell: sweetly fungussy.
Taste: none, chewy, slightly bitter after chewing.
Spores: broadly ellipsoid, with a single large oil drop, 6-7/5-6µm, non-amyloid, often forming regular arrangements ("crystalline") in spore print.
Basidia: 4-spored. Basidiomes: clamped at base.
Trama: dimitic, with thin-walled clamped generative hyphae and refractive hyphae 2.5-4µm wide.

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standard photographs and close-ups:

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