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VENEROIDA Gray, 1854 (veneroids)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

ARCTICIDAE Newton, 1891 (1844) (Iceland cyprina) Family 1 subtaxon  
Arctica islandica (Linnaeus, 1767) (Iceland Cyprina, Icelandic Cyprine)
Right valve - outside view - dry
CARDIIDAE Lamarck, 1809 (cockles)
Acanthocardia (spiny cockles), eg: Acanthocardia echinata (Prickly Cockle) - Shells - inner faces Cerastoderma (smooth cockles), eg: Cerastoderma edule (Cockle, Common Edible Cockle, Common Cockle) - Shell pair (largest) - outer faces Laevicardium crassum (Norway Cockle), eg: Laevicardium crassum (Norway Cockle) - Shell - inner surface
Family 4 subtaxa 1 ident refs
DONACIDAE Fleming, 1828 (wedge-shells) Family 1 subtaxon  
Donax vittatus (da Costa, 1778) (Banded Wedge-shell)
Shells - outer face
DREISSENIDAE Gray, 1840 (zebra mussels) Family 1 subtaxon  
Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771) (Zebra Mussel)
Byssus threads on Anodonta shell
Species   1 ident refs
MACTRIDAE Lamarck, 1809 (a family of molluscs)
Lutraria (a genus of molluscs), eg: Lutraria lutraria (Trough Shell, Common Otter Shell) - Left valve - inner surface Mactra (a genus of molluscs), eg: Mactra stultorum (Rayed Trough-shell) - Left valve - inner surface Spisula (trough shells), eg: Spisula solida (Thick Trough Shell) - Right valve - anterior lateral teeth
Family 4 subtaxa 1 ident refs
PHARIDAE H. Adams & A. Adams, 1856 (a family of molluscs)
Ensis (a genus of razor-shells), eg: Ensis siliqua (Pod Razor-shell, Pod Razor Shell) - Shells - outer faces Pharus (Zoo.) (a genus of molluscs), eg: Pharus legumen (Egg-shell Razor) - Shells - inner surface - contrast enhanced to show muscle scars, palial line etc
Family 4 subtaxa 1 ident refs
PISIDIIDAE (pea mussels) Family   1 ident refs
PSAMMOBIIDAE Fleming, 1828 (a family of molluscs) Family 1 subtaxon  
Gari fervensis (Gmelin, 1791) (Faroe Sunset Shell)
Shells - inner faces
SOLENIDAE Lamarck, 1809 (razor-shells) Family 1 subtaxon  
Solen marginatus Pulteney, 1799 (Grooved Razor-shell, Grooved Razor Shell)
Shell - outer surface
SPHAERIIDAE Deshayes, 1855 (1820) (orb and pea mussels)
Musculium lacustre (Lake Orb Mussel, Capped Orb Mussel), eg: Musculium lacustre (Lake Orb Mussel, Capped Orb Mussel) - Shells Sphaerium (orb mussels), eg: Sphaerium corneum (Horny Orb Mussel) - Shells - both syphons and foot part-extended
Family 5 subtaxa 4 ident refs
TELLINIDAE Blainville, 1814 (tellins) Family 2 subtaxa  
Tellina incarnata Linnaeus, 1758 (a marine bivalve)
Dead shell pair - outer faces
Tellina tenuis da Costa, 1778 (Thin Tellin)
Shells - outer faces - wet
VENERIDAE Rafinesque, 1815 (carpet and venus shells)
Callista (a genus of molluscs), eg: Callista chione (Brown Venus) - Shells - valve view - close-up Chamelea gallina (Striped Venus), eg: Chamelea gallina (Striped Venus) - Shells - moist Dosinia (a genus of molluscs), eg: Dosinia lupinus (Smooth Artemis) - Left valve - hinge and teeth - close-up Mysia undata (a bivalve), eg: Mysia undata (a bivalve) - Inside view - contrast enhanced to show pallial line, muscle scars etc. Petricolaria pholadiformis (American Piddock), eg: Petricolaria pholadiformis (American Piddock) - Right valve (outline very eroded) - outer surface Tapes (a genus of carpet shells), eg: Ruditapes decussatus (Cross-cut Carpet Shell, Chequered Carpet Shell) - Closed shell - posterior view Ruditapes philippinarum (Manila Clam, Pacific Clam), eg: Ruditapes philippinarum (Manila Clam, Pacific Clam) - Closed shell - hinge view Venerupis (carpet shells), eg: Venerupis corrugata (Pullet Carpet-shell) - Right valve - inside Venus (a genus of venus shells), eg: Venus verrucosa (Warty Venus) - Live animal - anterior view showing lunule
Family 10 subtaxa 2 ident refs

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