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BIVALVIA (bivalves)


Rank Taxon #subtaxa #photos #macrophotos #refs
Order ANOMIACEA (saddle oysters, jingle shells) 1 20    
Order ARCACEA (arc shells and dog cockles) 1 12    
Order CARDIACEA (cockles) 3 61    
Superfamily CORBICULOIDEA (Asiatic clams)       1
Order CYPRINACEA (Iceland cyprina) 1 8    
Superfamily DREISSENOIDEA (zebra mussels) 1 7 1 4
Subclass HETERODONTA (a subclass of bivalve molluscs) 9      
Order VENEROIDA (veneroids) 9 146 6 4
Order MACTRACEA (trough and otter shells) 4      
Species Lutraria lutraria (Trough Shell)   16    
Species Mactra corallina (Linnaeus) (Rayed Trough-shell)   18    
Genus Spisula (trough shells) 2 23 14 1
Order MYACEA (gapers and basket shells) 1      
Family MYACIDAE (gapers) 1 15   1
Order MYTILACEA (mussels and crenellas) 2 18    
Order OSTREACEA (oysters) 2      
Family OSTREIDAE (oysters) 2 9   1
Order PECTINACEA (scallops) 3 40    
Order PHOLADACEA (piddocks and shipworms) 3 26 10  
Subclass PTERIOMORPHIA (fan mussels) 1      
Order PTERIOIDA (fan mussels) 1     1
Order SOLENACEA (razor-shells) 4      
Family SOLENIDAE (razor-shells) 4 24 7 1
Superfamily SPHAEROIDEA (pea and orb mussels) 5   2 6
Order TELLINACEA (wedge shells, tellins) 5 46 19  
Superfamily UNIONOIDEA (freshwater mussels) 3 19 25 3

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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