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PYRONEMATACEAE Corda (a family of discomycetes)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Family)

Aleuria Fuckel (a genus of cup fungi)
Aleuria aurantia (Orange Peel Fungus), eg: Aleuria aurantia (Orange Peel Fungus) - Fruitbody - in situ
Genus 5 subtaxa 5 ident refs
Anthracobia Boud. (a genus of discomycetes)
Anthracobia macrocystis (a discomycete), eg: Anthracobia macrocystis (a discomycete) - Apothecia Anthracobia maurilabra (a discomycete), eg: Anthracobia maurilabra (a discomycete) - Apothecium Anthracobia melaloma (a discomycete), eg: Anthracobia melaloma (a discomycete) - Apothecia
Genus 4 subtaxa 5 ident refs
Byssonectria P. Karst. (a genus of discomycetes)
Byssonectria terrestris (a discomycete), eg: Byssonectria terrestris (a discomycete) - Apothecia  - large group
Genus 3 subtaxa 5 ident refs
Cheilymenia Boud. (a genus of discomycetes)
Cheilymenia fimicola (a discomycete), eg: Cheilymenia fimicola (a discomycete) - Apothecia Cheilymenia granulata (a discomycete), eg: Cheilymenia granulata (a discomycete) - Fruitbodies - close-up Cheilymenia raripila (a discomycete), eg: Cheilymenia raripila (a discomycete) - Apothecia - close-up Cheilymenia stercorea (a discomycete), eg: Cheilymenia stercorea (a discomycete) - Apothecia
Genus 6 subtaxa 4 ident refs
Fimaria equina Graddon (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Geopora Harkn. (a genus of discomycetes)
Geopora cervina (a discomycete), eg: Geopora cervina (a discomycete) - Apothecium - side view Geopora sumneriana (Cedar Cup), eg: Geopora sumneriana (Cedar Cup) - Apothecium - oblique view
Genus 5 subtaxa 7 ident refs
Geopyxis carbonaria (Alb. & Schwein.) Sacc. (Stalked Bonfire Cup) Species   1 ident refs
Inermisia pilifera (Cooke) Dennis & Itzerott (a discomycete) Species   2 ident refs
Jafneadelphus amethystinus (W. Phillips) Brumm. (Amethyst Disco) Species   1 ident refs
Kotlabaea deformis (P. Karst.) Svrček (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Lamprospora De Not. (a genus of discomycetes)
Genus 8 subtaxa 12 ident refs
Leucoscypha Boud. (a genus of discomycetes)
Genus 4 subtaxa 5 ident refs
Melastiza contorta (Massee & Crossl.) Spooner & Y.J. Yao (a discomycete)
Apothecia - top view
Melastiza cornubiensis (Berk. & Broome) J. Moravec (Orange Cup)
Fruitbody - close-up
Melastiza rozei (Boud.) Spooner & Y.J. Yao 1995 (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Miladina lecithina (Cooke) Svrček (a discomycete) Species   6 ident refs
Neottiella (Cooke) Sacc. (a genus of discomycetes)
Neottiella rutilans (a discomycete), eg: Neottiella rutilans (a discomycete) - Apothecia - side view Neottiella vivida (a discomycete), eg: Neottiella vivida (a discomycete) - Ascocarps - top view
Genus 5 subtaxa 6 ident refs
Octospora Hedw. (a genus of discomycetes)
Octospora excipulata (a discomycete), eg: Octospora excipulata (a discomycete) - Apothecia Unidentified Octospora (Unidentified Octospora Discomycetes), eg: Unidentified Octospora (Unidentified Octospora Discomycetes) - Apothecium - in situ
Genus 5 subtaxa 7 ident refs
Octosporella fusispora ined. (a fungus) Species   1 ident refs
Orbicula parietina (Schrad.) S. Hughes (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Otidea (Pers.) Bonord. (ear fungi)
Otidea alutacea (Tan Ear), eg: Otidea alutacea (Tan Ear) - Fruitbody - side view Otidea bufonia (Toad's Ear), eg: Otidea bufonia (Toad's Ear) - Fruitbody - fresh Otidea onotica (Hare's Ear), eg: Otidea onotica (Hare's Ear) - Fruitbody - top view
Genus 8 subtaxa 9 ident refs
Oviascoma paludosum (Dennis) Y.J. Yao & Spooner (a discomycete) Species   2 ident refs
Paurocotylis pila Berk. (New Zealand Truffle) Species   3 ident refs
Pseudombrophila ramosa (Velen.) Brumm. (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Pyronema domesticum (Sowerby) Sacc. (a discomycete)
Apothecia amidst charcoal lumps
Pyronema omphalodes (Bull.) Fuckel (a discomycete)
Orange fruitbody
Unidentified Pyronema (Unidentified Pyronema Discomycetes)
Ramsbottomia W.D. Buckley (a genus of discomycetes) Genus   1 ident refs
Rhodotarzetta rosea (Rea) Dissing & Sivertsen (a discomycete)
Scutellinia (Cooke) Lambotte (eyelash fungi)
Scutellinia scutellata (Common Eyelash), eg: Scutellinia scutellata (Common Eyelash) - Apothecia Scutellinia superba (a discomycete), eg: Scutellinia superba (a discomycete) - Apothecium - top view
Genus 11 subtaxa 12 ident refs
Sowerbyella Nannf. (a genus of discomycetes) Genus   1 ident refs
Sphaerosporella brunnea (Alb. & Schwein.) Svrček & Kubička (a discomycete)
Species   1 ident refs
Tarzetta (Cooke) Lambotte (a genus of discomycetes)
Tarzetta spurcata (a discomycete), eg: Tarzetta spurcata (a discomycete) - Fruitbody - side view
Genus 2 subtaxa 3 ident refs
Tricharina ascophanoides (Boud.) Chin S. Yang & Korf (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Tricharina praecox (P. Karst.) Dennis (a discomycete)
Tricharina praecox var. praecox (a discomycete), eg: Tricharina praecox var. praecox (a discomycete) - Apothecia
Species 1 subtaxon 1 ident refs
Trichophaea Boud. (a genus of discomycetes)
Trichophaea hemisphaerioides (a discomycete), eg: Trichophaea hemisphaerioides (a discomycete) - Apothecia Trichophaea woolhopeia (a discomycete), eg: Trichophaea woolhopeia (a discomycete) - Apothecia
Genus 5 subtaxa 6 ident refs
Trichophaeopsis paludosa (Boud.) Häffner & L.G. Krieglst. (a fungus) Species   1 ident refs

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