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PYRENULALES Fink ex D. Hawksw. & O.E. Erikss. (an order of ascomycetes and lichens)


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Family MASSARIACEAE Nitschke (a family of ascomycetes)        
Species Massaria inquinans (Tode) De Not. (an ascomycete) 2 5 2  
Family MONOBLASTIACEAE Walt. Watson (a family of lichens)        
Species Acrocordia conoidea (Fr.) Körb. (a lichen) 1      
Family PYRENULACEAE Rabenh. (a family of lichens)        
Species Pyrenula chlorospila (Nyl.) Arnold (a lichen) 7 2 2  
Species Pyrenula hibernica (Nyl.) Aptroot (Oil-stain Parmentaria)       1
Species Pyrenula macrospora (Degel.) Coppins & P. James (a lichen) 8 1 3  
Family XANTHOPYRENIACEAE Zahlbr. (a family of lichens)        
Species Collemopsidium foveolatum (A.L. Sm.) F. Mohr (a lichen) 6 3 5  
Informal (Collemopsidium halodytes s.l.) (Nyl.) R.C. Harris, 1987 (a group of lichens that were formerly not distinguished) 6 3 5  

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