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POLYPODIOPSIDA (a class of ferns)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

CYATHEALES (an order of ferns) Order 1 subtaxon  
CYATHEACEAE (a family of tree ferns) Family 1 subtaxon  
Cyathea australis (Rough Tree Fern) Species    
HYMENOPHYLLALES (an order of ferns) Order 3 subtaxa  
HYMENOPHYLLACEAE (filmy ferns) Family 3 subtaxa  
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense (L.) Sm. (Tunbridge Filmy Fern, Tunbridge Filmy-fern)
Plants - in situ
Species   2 ident refs
Hymenophyllum wilsonii Hook. (Wilson's Filmy Fern, Wilson's Filmy-fern) Species   3 ident refs
Trichomanes speciosum Willd. (Killarney Fern) Species   1 ident refs
OSMUNDALES (an order of ferns) Order 1 subtaxon  
OSMUNDACEAE (royal ferns) Family 1 subtaxon  
Osmunda regalis L. (Royal Fern)
Plant - against sky
Species   2 ident refs
POLYPODIALES (an order of ferns)
ASPLENIACEAE (spleenworts), eg: Ceterach officinarum (Rustyback) - Plant - side view ATHYRIACEAE (a family of ferns), eg: Athyrium filix-femina (Lady Fern, Lady-fern) - In situ - view along gryke BLECHNACEAE (hard ferns), eg: Blechnum spicant (Hard Fern, Hard-fern) - Surface structure of sterile leaf - under surface CYSTOPTERIDACEAE (a family of ferns), eg: Gymnocarpium robertianum (Limestone Fern) - Plant growing in gryke - top view DENNSTAEDTIACEAE (brackens), eg: Pteridium aquilinum (Bracken) - Plants - en masse DRYOPTERIDACEAE (buckler ferns), eg: Dryopteris carthusiana (Narrow Buckler-fern) - Plant POLYPODIACEAE (polypodies), eg: Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody) - Close-up PTERIDACEAE (maidenhair, parsley & ribbon ferns), eg: Cryptogramma crispa (Parsley Fern) - In situ THELYPTERIDACEAE (a family of ferns), eg: Phegopteris connectilis (Beech Fern) - Pinnules - under surface - close-up
Order 37 subtaxa 23 ident refs
SALVINALES (an order of ferns)
MARSILEACEAE (pillworts), eg: Pilularia globulifera (Pillwort) - Plant - side view SALVINACEAE (a family of ferns), eg: Azolla filiculoides (Water Fern) - Plants
Order 4 subtaxa 7 ident refs

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