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PERONOSPORALES E. Fisch. (downy mildews and white rusts)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

ALBUGINACEAE J. Schröt. (white rusts)
Albugo (white rusts), eg: Albugo candida (White Blister or White Rust Of Brassicaceae) - Infected flower
Family 6 subtaxa 5 ident refs
PERONOSPORACEAE Warm. (downy mildews)
Peronospora (a genus of downy mildews), eg: Peronospora arborescens (Poppy Downy Mildew) - Sporangiophores Phytophthora (blights), eg: Phytophthora infestans (Potato Blight, Potato Late Blight & Tomato Blight (Causative Agent)) - Sporangium Plasmopara (a genus of downy mildews), eg: Plasmopara crustosa (Umbellifer Downy Mildew) - Infected leaf - under surface
Family 62 subtaxa 91 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

aquatic forms

Sparrow, F.K., 1960 Aquatic Phycomycetes

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(a group of mainly plant-parasitic fungi)
Fungi s.l.

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