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LEPIDOPTERA (butterflies and moths)

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Lab. techniques Cremaster: Once the moth has emerged, the exuvium is available for examination and the cremaster is generally still intact. The more intricate cremasters are often strongly entangled in silk which is difficult to remove to examine the structure. A few minutes soaking in dilute KOH dissolves the silk. Unlike teasing it away with a needle, this does no damage but obviously cannot be applied to living pupae.

Sets of Photographs

These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # photos # macrophotos Date Vice-county Country
Lepidoptera Larva 13 10 3 2 Jul 2008 North-east Yorks England
Lepidoptera? Caterpillar 11 11 25 May 2006 Berks England
Lepidoptera Larva 9 9 29 May 2006 Berks England
Lepidoptera Ova and young larvae 8 8 17 Sep 2005 Berks England
Lepidoptera? Imago 6 6 28 Jun 2008 South-east Yorks England
Lepidoptera? Caterpillar 6 6 25 May 2006 Berks England
Lepidoptera Larva, cocoon 6 5 1 4 Oct 2005 Berks England
Lepidoptera? Caterpillar 5 5 23 May 2006 Berks England
Lepidoptera? Caterpillar 4 4 25 May 2006 Berks England
Lepidoptera Pupa 4 4 7 Mar 1971 East Norfolk England
Lepidoptera? Caterpillar 3 3 25 May 2006 Berks England
Lepidoptera? Caterpillar 3 3 23 May 2006 Berks England


Rank Taxon #subtaxa #photos #macrophotos #microphotos #refs
Suborder DACNONYMPHA (a suborder of micro-moths) 2        
Superfamily ERIOCRANIOIDEA (a superfamily of micro-moths) 2        
Family ERIOCRANIIDAE (a family of micro-moths) 2 8 42   5
Superfamily EPERMENIOIDEA (a superfamily of moths) 1        
Family EPERMENIIDAE (lance-wing micro-moths, fringe-tufted moths)         3
Suborder EXOPORIA (swift moths) 4 66 8   1
Suborder HETERONEURA (a suborder of moths and butterflies) 654 5361 753 158 455
Suborder ZEUGLOPTERA (jawed micro-moths) 2        
Superfamily MICROPTERIGOIDEA (jawed micro-moths) 2 26     1
Informal (Leaf-miner moths) (moths with leaf-mining larvae) 103 456 362 82 59
Informal (Microlepidoptera) (micro-moths) 741 5780 916 210 483

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Conifer feeders

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Flying tonight

Fliyng tonight?: Fliyng tonight?
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Host plants

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on cherry trees

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Stored product pests

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