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HELOTIALES Nannf. (an order of discomycetes and lichens)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

Dactylaria Sacc. (a genus of dematiaceous anamorphic fungi)
Form genus 3 subtaxa 5 ident refs
DERMATEACEAE Fr. (a family of discomycetes)
Diplocarpon (a genus of ascomycetes), eg: Diplocarpon earlianum (Strawberry Leaf Scorch - causative organism) - Pycnidia Leptotrochila (a genus of ascomycetes), eg: Leptotrochila astrantiae (a leaf spot) - Necrotic spot - underside Pezicula (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Pezicula cinnamomea (a discomycete) - Apothecia Pyrenopeziza (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Pyrenopeziza brassicae (Brassica Light Leaf Spot Disease - causative organism) - Leaf spot - young - under surface - close-up Trochila (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Trochila ilicina (Holly Speckle) - Apothecia - dry
Family 51 subtaxa 60 ident refs
GEOGLOSSACEAE Corda (earthtongues)
Geoglossum (black earthtongues), eg: Geoglossum cookeanum (an earthtongue) - Fruitbodies Microglossum (green earthtongues), eg: Microglossum olivaceum (Olive Earthtongue) - Fruitbodies - lain down - close-up Sabuloglossum arenarium (Dune Earthtongue), eg: Sabuloglossum arenarium (Dune Earthtongue) - Fruitbody - excavated and lain down
Family 10 subtaxa 9 ident refs
Gloeotinia granigena (Quél.) T. Schumach. (Blind Seed Of Rye Grass - causative organism) Species   1 ident refs
HELOTIACEAE Rehm (a family of discomycetes)
Ascocoryne (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Ascocoryne sarcoides (Purple Jellydisc) - Apothecia Ascotremella faginea (a discomycete), eg: Ascotremella faginea (a discomycete) - Fruitbody Bisporella (a genus of discomycete fungi), eg: Bisporella citrina (Lemon Disco) - Apothecia Bloxamia (a genus of anamorphic fungi), eg: Bloxamia leucophthalma (a dematiaceous anamorphic fungus) - Conidiomata (pale) on Hypoxylon (black) Chlorociboria aeruginascens (Green Elfcup), eg: Chlorociboria aeruginascens (Green Elfcup) - Apothecia - top view Claussenomyces (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Claussenomyces prasinulus (a discomycete) - Apothecium Crocicreas (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Crocicreas coronatum (a discomycete) - Apothecium - side view Cudoniella (pins), eg: Cudoniella acicularis (Oak Pin) - Apothecia - in situ Hymenoscyphus (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Hymenoscyphus calyculus (a discomycete) - Apothecia - top view Mniaecia jungermanniae (a discomycete), eg: Mniaecia jungermanniae (a discomycete) - Apothecia among liverwort thalli Neobulgaria (a genus of jellydiscs), eg: Neobulgaria pura var. pura (Beech Jellydisc) - Fruitbodies - top view
Family 76 subtaxa 73 ident refs
HEMIPHACIDIACEAE Korf (a family of discomycetes)
Heyderia abietis (a discomycete), eg: Heyderia abietis (a discomycete) - Fruitbody
Family 4 subtaxa 5 ident refs
HYALOSCYPHACEAE Nannf. (a family of discomycetes)
Arachnopeziza (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Arachnopeziza aurelia (a discomycete) - Apothecia Belonidium (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Belonidium sulphureum (a discomycete) - Apothecia - top view Calycina herbarum (a discomycete), eg: Calycina herbarum (a discomycete) - Apothecia Eriopezia caesia (a discomycete), eg: Eriopezia caesia (a discomycete) - Ascus and paraphyses Lachnellula (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Lachnellula occidentalis (Larch Disco) - Apothecia Lachnum (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Lachnum niveum (a discomycete) - Apothecia Phialina (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Phialina lachnobrachya (a discomycete) - Apothecia Pithyella erythrostigma (a discomycete), eg: Pithyella erythrostigma (a discomycete) - Apothecia - top view Polydesmia pruinosa (a discomycete), eg: Polydesmia pruinosa (a discomycete) - Apothecia
Family 58 subtaxa 50 ident refs
Lemonniera De Wild. (a genus of anamorphic fungi) Form genus 2 subtaxa  
Lemonniera aquatica De Wild. (an anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
Lemonniera cornuta Ranzoni (an anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species    
LORAMYCETACEAE Dennis ex Digby & Goos (a family of ascomycetes) Family 1 subtaxon  
Loramyces W. Weston (a genus of ascomycetes) Genus   1 ident refs
Margaritispora aquatica Ingold (an anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
Mirandina arnaudii P.M. Kirk (a dematiaceous anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   3 ident refs
Mirandina corticola G. Arnaud ex Matsush. (a dematiaceous anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   3 ident refs
PHACIDIACEAE Fr. (a family of discomycetes) Family 3 subtaxa  
Phacidium multivalve (DC.) Kunze & J.C. Schmidt (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Phacidium pusillum Lib. (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Unidentified Phacidiaceae (Unidentified Phacidiacean Discomycetes) Unidentified    
Phragmiticola rhopalospermum (Kirschst.) Sherwood (a discomycete) Species   1 ident refs
Rhynchosporium orthosporum Caldwell (a stromatic coelomycete) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
Rhynchosporium secalis (Oudem.) Davis (Leaf Blotch or Scald Of Grasses - causative organism) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
RUTSTROEMIACEAE Holst-Jensen, L.M. Kohn & T. Schumach. (a family of discomycetes)
Lanzia (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Lanzia luteovirescens (a discomycete) - Apothecium - side view Rutstroemia (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Rutstroemia firma (Brown Cup) - Apothecia - side and top views
Family 11 subtaxa 8 ident refs
SCLEROTINIACEAE Whetzel (a family of discomycetes)
Botrytis (a genus of dematiaceous anamorphic fungi), eg: Botrytis cinerea (Grey Mould, Soft Rot Of Fruit,  Tomato Ghost Spot Disease - causative organism) - Dung with mycelium Ciboria (a genus of discomycetes), eg: Ciboria caucus (Alder Goblet) - Apothecia - top views Cristulariella (a genus of anamorphic fungi), eg: Cristulariella depraedans (an anamorphic fungus) - Spotted leaf - under surface Dumontinia tuberosa (Anemone Cup), eg: Dumontinia tuberosa (Anemone Cup) - Apothecia - top view Encoelia (a genus of discomycete fungi), eg: Encoelia furfuracea (Spring Hazelcup) - Apothecia Mitrula (a genus of ascomycete fungi), eg: Mitrula paludosa (Bog Beacon) - Fruitbody - side view Monilinia (a genus of discomycete fungi), eg: Monilinia fructigena (Apple Brown Rot - causative organism) - Sporodochia Myriosclerotinia (a genus of ascomycete fungi), eg: Myriosclerotinia curreyana (a discomycete) - Apothecia - in situ
Family 31 subtaxa 42 ident refs
Scytalidium Pesante (a genus of ascomycetes) Form genus 1 subtaxon  
Scytalidium thermophilum (Cooney & R. Emers.) Austwick (an anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
Spirosphaera Beverw. (a genus of anamorphic ascomycetes) Form genus   1 ident refs
Tetracladium De Wild. (a genus of anamorphic fungi)
Form genus 4 subtaxa 3 ident refs
Thedgonia bellocensis (C. Massal. & Sacc.) U. Braun (an anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
Thedgonia ligustrina (Boerema) B. Sutton (an anamorphic fungus)
Leaf spot - under surface
Anamorphic Species   3 ident refs
VIBRISSEACEAE Korf (a family of discomycetes) Family 2 subtaxa  
Anavirga dendromorpha Descals & B. Sutton (an aquatic anamorphic fungus) Anamorphic Species   1 ident refs
Vibrissea truncorum (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. (a discomycete)
Fruitbodies - side views - close-up

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Dennis, R.W.G., 1956 A Revision of the British Helotiaceae in the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, with notes on related European species

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