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Frangula alnus Mill. (Alder Buckthorn, Black Dogwood)

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BioInfo BioInfo ( has 22 feeding and other relationships of Frangula alnus (Alder Buckthorn, Black Dogwood)

Further Information

Similar species Beware Amelanchier lamarckii (Juneberry) which can be naturalised in the same habitat in southern England.

Flowers and fruits of Buckthorns are axillary, forming a characteristic cluster a little way back from the tip of the branch whereas Juneberry has loose terminal raceme.

Vegetative specimens can be distinguished by the short petioles (less than 1cm) of Alder Buckthorn compared to the longer ones (up to 2cm) of Juneberry. Furthermore, the leaf edge is completely smooth in Alder Buckthorn whereas it is denticulate in Juneberry.
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