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EUBRYIDEAE (a subclass of mosses)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Subclass)

BRYALES (an order of mosses)
AULACOMNIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Aulacomnium androgynum (Bud-headed Groove-moss) - Plants - top view BARTRAMIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Bartramia pomiformis (Apple Moss, Common Apple-moss) - Fertile plant - in situ BRYACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Bryum capillare (Capillary Thread-moss) - Leaf CINCLIDIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Rhizomnium punctatum (Dotted Thyme-moss) - In situ MIELICHHOFERIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Pohlia nutans (Nodding Thread-moss) - Fertile plants - in situ MNIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Mnium hornum (Swan's-neck Thyme-moss) - Antheridia - in situ ORTHODONTIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Orthodontium lineare (Cape Thread-moss) - Leaf cells - leaf tip PLAGIOMNIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Plagiomnium undulatum (Hart's-tongue Thyme-moss) - Fertile plants - close-up
Order 18 subtaxa 2 ident refs
DICRANALES (an order of mosses)
DICRANACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Dicranum scoparium (Broom Fork-moss) - Leaf - alar cells in base DITRICHACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Ceratodon purpureus (Redshank) - In situ FISSIDENTACEAE (pocket mosses), eg: Fissidens exilis (Slender Pocket-moss) - Plant LEUCOBRYACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Campylopus atrovirens (Bristly Swan-neck Moss) - Dry plant RHABDOWEISIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Dicranoweisia cirrata (Common Pincushion) - Fertile plant - close-up SCHISTOSTEGACEAE (goblin golds), eg: Schistostega pennata (Goblin Gold, Luminous Moss) - Gametophyte
Order 18 subtaxa 4 ident refs
ENCALYPTALES (an order of mosses) Order 1 subtaxon  
ENCALYPTACEAE Schimp. (a family of mosses) Family 1 subtaxon  
Encalypta streptocarpa Hedw. (Spiral Extinguisher-moss)
In situ
FUNARIALES (an order of mosses) Order 3 subtaxa  
FUNARIACEAE Schwägr. (a family of mosses) Family 3 subtaxa  
Entosthodon pulchellus (a moss) Species   1 ident refs
Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. (Common Cord-moss)
Physcomitrium pyriforme (Hedw.) Brid. (Common Bladder-moss)
Fertile plant
GRIMMIALES (an order of mosses)
GRIMMIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Schistidium apocarpum s.l. (a species aggregate of mosses) - Plant PTYCHOMITRIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Ptychomitrium polyphyllum (Long-shanked Pincushion) - Cushion - close-up SELIGERIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Seligeria calycina (English Rock-bristle) - Top view
Order 8 subtaxa 3 ident refs
HOOKERIALES (an order of mosses) Order 1 subtaxon  
HOOKERIACEAE Schimp. (a family of mosses) Family 1 subtaxon  
Hookeria lucens (Hedw.) Sm. (Shining Hookeria)
HYPNALES (pleurocarpous mosses)
AMBLYSTEGIACEAE (a family of feather mosses), eg: Palustriella commutata var. commutata (a moss) - Branch leaf - cells in middle of leaf ANOMODONTACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Anomodon viticulosus (Rambling Tail-moss) - Colony - moist - top view - close-up BRACHYTHECIACEAE (a family of pleurocarpous mosses), eg: Eurhynchium meridionale (Portland Feather-moss) - Plant - in situ CALLIERGONACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Scorpidium scorpioides (Hooked Scorpion-moss) - Shoot - wet - side view - close-up CLIMACIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Climacium dendroides (Tree-moss) - In situ FONTINALACEAE (willow mosses), eg: Fontinalis antipyretica (Willow Moss, Greater Water-moss) - Stem leaf - mid-leaf cells HYLOCOMIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Rhytidiadelphus loreus (Little Shaggy-moss) - Close-up HYPNACEAE (a family of pleurocarpous mosses), eg: Ptilium crista-castrensis (Ostrich-plume Feather-moss) - Stem leaf - mid-leaf cells LEMBOPHYLLACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Isothecium myosuroides var. myosuroides (a moss) - Branch leaf - cells in leaf base NECKERACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Neckera complanata (Flat Neckera) - Leaf cells - leaf base PLAGIOTHECIACEAE (a family of pleurocarpous mosses), eg: Plagiothecium denticulatum (Dented Silk-moss) - Leaf cells PYLAISIADELPHACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Platygyrium repens (Flat-brocade Moss) - Plant THUIDIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Thuidium tamariscinum (Common Tamarisk-moss) - Branch leaf tip
Order 44 subtaxa 3 ident refs
ORTHOTRICHALES (an order of mosses)
ORTHOTRICHACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Orthotrichum affine (Wood Bristle-moss) - Plant
Order 7 subtaxa 4 ident refs
POTTIALES (an order of mosses)
POTTIACEAE (a family of mosses), eg: Gymnostomum aeruginosum (Verdigris Tufa-moss) - Plant - in situ
Order 16 subtaxa 4 ident refs

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Dixon, H.N., 1924 The Student’s Handbook of British Mosses

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