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Coprinopsis urticicola (Berk. & Broome) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo (an inkcap)

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Gierczyk, B., Kujawa, A., Pachlewski, T., Szczepkowski, A. & Wójtowski, M., 2011 Rare species of the genus Coprinus Pers. s. lato
Uljé, C.B. & Noordeloos, M.E., 1997 Studies in Coprinus IV - Coprinus section Coprinus, subsection and revision of subsection Alachuani.

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(living things)
(true fungi)
(spore droppers)
(a class of fungi)
(mushrooms and toadstools)
(a family of inkcap and brittlestem toadstools)
(a genus of inkcaps)
Macromycetes (via Agaricales) Fungi s.l.

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Further Information

Notes (MWS) A tiny white inkcap fungus which grows, mainly in summer, on rotting *Juncus*, *Carex*, grasses, *Urtica* and other plant debris, particularly in damp places. Probably widespread in souhern England.
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