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ARANEAE (spiders)

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These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # macrophotos # microphotos Date Vice-county Country
Araneae 5 2 3 9 May 2001 Berks England


Rank Taxon #subtaxa #photos #macrophotos #microphotos #refs
Family AGELENIDAE (cobweb spiders) 4 31 5 2 3
Family AMAUROBIIDAE (lace-webbed spiders) 1        
Species Amaurobius similis (Blackwall, 1861) (a lace-webbed spider)   2 5 2  
Family ARANEIDAE (orb spiders, orb-weavers) 8 57 26 3 1
Family CLUBIONIDAE (foliage spiders) 3        
Species Clubiona neglecta s.s. O.P.-Cambridge, 1862 (a spider)         1
Species Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994 (a foliage spider)         1
Species Clubiona rosserae Locket, 1953 (Rosser's Sac-spider)         1
Family CYBAEIDAE (water spiders) 1        
Species Argyroneta aquatica (Clerck, 1757) (Water Spider)   1      
Family DICTYNIDAE (mesh webbed spiders, mesh-webbed spiders) 2        
Genus Dictyna Sundevall, 1833 (a genus of mesh webbed spiders)         1
Species Nigma walckenaeri (Roewer, 1951) (a mesh webbed spider)         1
Family DYSDERIDAE (woodlice spiders, woodlouse spiders) 3        
Species Dysdera crocata C.L. Koch, 1838 (Woodlouse Spider)         1
Species Dysdera erythrina (Walckenaer, 1802) (a woodlouse spider)         1
Genus Harpactea Bristowe, 1939 (a genus of woodlouse spiders)   5      
Family GNAPHOSIDAE (ground spiders) 4 11 7 1 3
Family LINYPHIIDAE (money spiders) 15 5 12 17 12
Family LIOCRANIDAE (running foliage spiders) 1        
Genus Agroeca Westring, 1861 (a genus of running foliage spiders) 1 1 5    
Family LYCOSIDAE (wolf spiders) 5 1     6
Family OONOPIDAE (six-eyed spiders) 1        
Species Oonops domesticus de Dalmas, 1916 (a six-eyed spider)   5      
Family PHILODROMIDAE (running crab spiders) 2        
Species Philodromus aureolus (Clerck, 1757) (a running crab spider)         1
Species Philodromus praedatus O.P.-Cambridge, 1871 (a running crab spider)         2
Informal (Philodromus albidus/rufus s.l. sensu Bristowe, 1939) sensu Bristowe, 1939 (a running crab spider) 2        
Family PHOLCIDAE (daddy-long-legs spiders) 1        
Species Pholcus phalangioides (Fuesslin, 1775) (Cobweb Spider)   10 46 6  
Family PISAURIDAE (raft and tent spiders, nursery-web and raft spiders) 2        
Species Dolomedes fimbriatus (Clerck, 1757) (Raft Spider)   33 7    
Species Pisaura mirabilis (Clerck, 1757) (Tent Spider, Nursery Web Spider)   2      
Family SALTICIDAE (jumping spiders) 5 6     3
Family SEGESTRIIDAE (six-eyed spiders) 1        
Species Segestria florentina (Rossi, 1790) (a six-eyed spider)   1     1
Family TETRAGNATHIDAE (long-jawed spiders) 3        
Species Tetragnatha extensa (Linnaeus, 1758) (a long-jawed spider)   1     1
Species Tetragnatha montana Simon, 1874 (a long-jawed spider)   7      
Species Tetragnatha pinicola L. Koch, 1870 (a long-jawed spider)         1
Family THERIDIIDAE (comb-footed spiders) 6 67 17 4 2
Family THOMISIDAE (crab spiders) 3        
Species Misumena vatia (Clerck, 1757) (a crab spider)   26      
Genus Ozyptila Simon, 1864 (a genus of crab spiders)     9    
Genus Xysticus C.L. Koch, 1835 (a genus of crab spiders) 1 7      
Family ULOBORIDAE (triangle spiders, cribellate orb-web spiders) 1        
Species Uloborus plumipes Lucas, 1846 (Garden Centre Spider)     9   1

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Water and wetland spiders

Brauer, A., 1909 Araneae, Acarina und Tardigrada

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