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ARACHNIDA (mites, spiders, false scorpions, harvestmen etc.)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

Acari (mites)
Unidentified Acari (Unidentified Mites), eg: Unidentified Damaeidae (Unidentified A Family Of Mites) - Oblique view ACARIFORMES (acariform mites), eg: Aceria sanguisorbae (Salad Burnet Gall Mite) - Galled plant - in situ PARASITIFORMES (parasitiform mites), eg: Haemaphysalis punctata (Coastal Red Tick, Red Sheep Tick) - Female - dorsal view
Infraclass 70 subtaxa 81 ident refs
ARANEAE (spiders)
AGELENIDAE (cobweb spiders), eg: Tegenaria duellica (a cobweb spider) - Female - dorsal view AMAUROBIIDAE (lace-webbed spiders), eg: Amaurobius similis (a lace-webbed spider) - Male - dorsal view ARANEIDAE (orb spiders, orb-weavers), eg: Araneus quadratus (Four-spot Orb Weaver) - Female - on web - dorso-lateral view CYBAEIDAE (water spiders), eg: Argyroneta aquatica (Water Spider) - Spider - on land DYSDERIDAE (woodlice spiders, woodlouse spiders), eg: Unidentified Harpactea (Unidentified A Genus Of Woodlouse Spiders) - Male - dorsal view GNAPHOSIDAE (ground spiders), eg: Drassodes cupreus (a ground spider) - Female - dorsal view - walking LINYPHIIDAE (money spiders), eg: Porrhomma pygmaeum (a money spider) - Dorsal view LYCOSIDAE (wolf spiders), eg: Unidentified Pardosa (Unidentified A Genus Of Wolf Spiders) - Mating pair OONOPIDAE (six-eyed spiders), eg: Oonops domesticus (a six-eyed spider) - Spider - lateral view PHOLCIDAE (daddy-long-legs spiders), eg: Pholcus phalangioides (Cobweb Spider) - Male - dorsal view PISAURIDAE (raft and tent spiders, nursery-web and raft spiders), eg: Dolomedes fimbriatus (Raft Spider) - With Hoverfly prey - dorsal view - close-up SALTICIDAE (jumping spiders), eg: Unidentified Heliophanus (Unidentified A Genus Of Jumping Spiders) - Dorsal view SEGESTRIIDAE (six-eyed spiders), eg: Segestria florentina (a six-eyed spider) - Web THERIDIIDAE (comb-footed spiders), eg: Enoplognatha ovata s.l. var. lineata (a candy-stripe spider) - Female - dorsal view THOMISIDAE (crab spiders), eg: Unidentified Ozyptila (Unidentified A Genus Of Crab Spiders) - Dorsal view ULOBORIDAE (triangle spiders, cribellate orb-web spiders), eg: Uloborus plumipes (Garden Centre Spider) - Female - dorsal view
Order 80 subtaxa 60 ident refs
OPILIONES (harvestmen)
DYSPNOI (a suborder of harvestmen), eg: Nemastoma bimaculatum (a harvestman) - Dorsal view EUPNOI (a suborder of harvestmen), eg: Dicranopalpus caudatus (a fork-palped harvestman) - Female - dorsal view
Order 16 subtaxa 14 ident refs
PSEUDOSCORPIONES Latreille, 1825 (false scorpions)
Unidentified Pseudoscorpiones (Unidentified Pseudoscorpions), eg: Unidentified Pseudoscorpiones (Unidentified Pseudoscorpions) - Dorsal view
Order 2 subtaxa 7 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L. & Sankey, J., 1961 Land Invertebrates, a guide to British worms, molluscs and arthropods, excluding insects


Hayward, P.J. & Ryland, J.S. (eds), 1990 The Marine Fauna of the British Isles and north-west Europe
Hayward, P.J. & Ryland, J.S. (eds), 1996 (littoral and sublittoral fauna) Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe

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