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ANTHOMYIIDAE (anthomyiid flies)

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Ackland, D.M., 2000 provisional unpublished keys etc provided by D. M. Ackland
Ackland, D.M., in prep. Provisional unpublished keys etc provided by D. M. Ackland
Séguy, E., 1923 Diptères Anthomyides
Anthomyiidae of the Netherlands: Anthomyiidae of the Netherlands


British Leafminers: British Leafminers
The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects: The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

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Further Information

Diagnostic features In general appearance Anthomyiids are very similar to Muscids or Fanniids. They are mostly small bristly grey to black flies, although some have striking black and grey patterns or a yellow abdomen.

But there are two characters which separate them under the microscope:

All anthomyids have a small setula on the hind first tarsomere, ventrally near base. This character is shared with only the muscid Drymeia.

Most anthomyiids have a small group of downward-projecting hairs on the underside of the scutellum.
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