Eutarospolipus (unidentified), (unidentified Eutarospolipus carabid mites)

8 Jul 2011 at OSGR: SS58 in Glam, Wales

Record Summaryparasitic mites, under wings, on tergites of Poecilus versicolor
Found asAdult female
Date8 July 2011
Associated organismPoecilus versicolor
OS grid refOSGR: SS58
Lat/Lon51° 30' N, 4° 10' W
Vice CountyGlam, VC no: 41
Voucher8 Jul 2011[Z]
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Notes: Matthew Shepherd says "These Podapolipid mites are weird as heck. When those eggs hatch some are immobile males and some are mobile 6-legged female larvae. They mate (AS LARVAE!) and the larval females abandon the stranded males (who die, presumably!) and go off in search of a new host. They then moult into adulthood and become much bigger and sac-like, lose most of their legs, feed on the host haemolymph and produce large numbers of eggs. Isn't nature beautiful?"


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