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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Family)

Aceras anthropophorum (L.) W.T. Aiton (Man Orchid)
Species   1 ident refs
Anacamptis pyramidalis (L.) Rich. (Pyramidal Orchid)
Species   1 ident refs
Cephalanthera damasonium (Mill.) Druce (White Helleborine)
Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartm. (Frog Orchid)
Inflorescence - side view
Cypripedium calceolus L. (Lady’S Slipper, Lady's-slipper)
Plant in pot - face view
Species   1 ident refs
Dactylorhiza Necker ex Nevski (marsh orchids)
Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Common Spotted-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Common Spotted-orchid) - Group of plants with flower colour of varying intensity Dactylorhiza fuchsii x maculata = D. x transiens (a hybrid marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza fuchsii x maculata = D. x transiens (a hybrid marsh-orchid) - Plants Dactylorhiza fuchsii x praetermissa = D. x grandis (a hybrid marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza fuchsii x praetermissa = D. x grandis (a hybrid marsh-orchid) - Plant Dactylorhiza incarnata (Early Marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. coccinea (an early marsh-orchid) - Plant - first buds just bursting Dactylorhiza maculata (Heath Spotted-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza maculata subsp. ericetorum (a heath spotted-orchid) - Leaves - close-up Dactylorhiza maculata x incarnata = D. x carnea (a hybrid marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza maculata x incarnata = D. x carnea (a hybrid marsh-orchid) - Plant Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Southern Marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Southern Marsh-orchid) - Plant(s) Dactylorhiza purpurella (Northern Marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza purpurella subsp. cambrensis (a western marsh-orchid) - Plant Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides (Pugley's Marsh Orchid, Narrow-leaved Marsh-orchid), eg: Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides (Pugley's Marsh Orchid, Narrow-leaved Marsh-orchid) - Flowering plant
Genus 12 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Epipactis Zinn (Epipactis helleborines)
Epipactis helleborine (Broad-leaved Helleborine), eg: Epipactis helleborine (Broad-leaved Helleborine) - Plant Epipactis palustris (Marsh Helleborine), eg: Epipactis palustris (Marsh Helleborine) - Flower - top view - close-up Epipactis phyllanthes (Green-flowered Helleborine), eg: Epipactis phyllanthes (Green-flowered Helleborine) - Plant - in situ Epipactis purpurata (Violet Helleborine), eg: Epipactis purpurata (Violet Helleborine) - Plant - side view
Genus 5 subtaxa 6 ident refs
Epipogium aphyllum Sw. (Ghost Orchid) Species   1 ident refs
Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. (Creeping Lady's-tresses)
Flowers - close-up
Gymnadenia R. Br. (fragrant orchids)
Gymnadenia conopsea (Fragrant Orchid), eg: Gymnadenia conopsea (Fragrant Orchid) - Plant
Genus 1 subtaxon 1 ident refs
Hammarbya paludosa (L.) Kuntze (Bog Orchid)
Species   1 ident refs
Herminium monorchis (L.) R. Br. (Musk Orchid)
Himantoglossum hircinum (L.) Spreng. (Lizard Orchid)
Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich. (Fen Orchid)
Plant - close-up
Species   1 ident refs
Neottia nidus-avis (L.) Rich. (Bird’S-nest Orchid)
Neottia ovata (L.) Bluff & Fingerh. (Common Twayblade)
Plant - side view
Oncidium sphegiferum (a tropical orchid)
Ophrys L. (spider and insect orchids)
Ophrys apifera (Bee Orchid), eg: Ophrys apifera var. chlorantha (White Form Of Bee Orchid) - Flower Ophrys fuciflora (Late Spider-orchid), eg: Ophrys fuciflora (Late Spider-orchid) - Plant Ophrys insectifera (Fly Orchid), eg: Ophrys insectifera (Fly Orchid) - Plant - in flower Ophrys sphegodes (Early Spider-orchid), eg: Ophrys sphegodes (Early Spider-orchid) - Plant
Genus 6 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Orchis L. (a genus of orchids)
Orchis mascula (Early Purple Orchid, Early-purple Orchid), eg: Orchis mascula (Early Purple Orchid, Early-purple Orchid) - Plant - in situ Orchis militaris (Soldier Orchid, Military Orchid), eg: Orchis militaris (Soldier Orchid, Military Orchid) - Flower spike Orchis morio (Green-winged Orchid), eg: Orchis morio (Green-winged Orchid) - Plant Orchis purpurea (Lady Orchid), eg: Orchis purpurea (Lady Orchid) - Plant Orchis purpurea x simia = O. x angusticruris (a species hybrid of flowering plants), eg: Orchis purpurea x simia = O. x angusticruris (a species hybrid of flowering plants) - Plant - in situ Orchis simia (Monkey Orchid), eg: Orchis simia (Monkey Orchid) - Plant Orchis ustulata (Burnt Orchid), eg: Orchis ustulata (Burnt Orchid) - Plant
Genus 7 subtaxa 2 ident refs
Platanthera bifolia (L.) Rich. (Lesser Butterfly-orchid)
Species   2 ident refs
Platanthera chlorantha (Custer) Rchb. (Greater Butterfly-orchid)
Species   1 ident refs
Platanthera chlorantha x bifolia = P. x hybrida Brügger (hybrid butterfly-orchid) Species hybrid   1 ident refs
Serapias L. (tongue orchids) Genus   1 ident refs
Spiranthes romanzoffiana Cham. (Irish Lady's-tresses) Species   3 ident refs
Spiranthes spiralis (L.) Chevall. (Autumn Lady's-tresses)
Unidentified Vanda (Unidentified A Genus Of Tropical Orchids)
Planted in suspended pot

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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