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MARCHANTIOPSIDA (thallose liverworts)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

BLASIALES (an order of liverworts) Order 1 subtaxon  
BLASIACEAE Klinggr. (a family of liverworts) Family 1 subtaxon  
Blasia pusilla L. (Common Kettlewort)
LUNULARIALES (an order of liverworts) Order 1 subtaxon  
LUNULARIACEAE Klinggr. (crescent-cup liverworts) Family 1 subtaxon  
Lunularia cruciata (L.) Dumort. ex Lindb. (Crescent-cup Liverwort)
Thallus - in situ
MARCHANTIIDAE (thallose liverworts)
MARCHANTIALES (an order of thallose liverworts), eg: Preissia quadrata (Narrow Mushroom-headed Liverwort) - Thallus SPHAEROCARPALES (an order of thallose liverworts), eg: Unidentified Sphaerocarpos (Unidentified Sphaerocarpos Thallose Liverworts) - Colony
Subclass 9 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Riccia L. (a genus of thallose liverworts)
Riccia beyrichiana (Purple Crystalwort), eg: Riccia beyrichiana (Purple Crystalwort) - Thallus - young - side view Riccia fluitans (Floating Crystalwort), eg: Riccia fluitans (Floating Crystalwort) - Liverwort Riccia sorocarpa (Common Crystalwort), eg: Riccia sorocarpa (Common Crystalwort) - Small plant - in situ
Genus 4 subtaxa  

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

MacVicar, S.M., 1926 Student’s Handbook of British Hepatics
Paton, J.A., 1999 The Liverwort Flora of the British Isles
Smith, A.J.E., 1990 Liverworts of Britain & Ireland

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