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HYDROZOA Owen, 1843 (hydroids)


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Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Apstein, C. & Brandt, K.A.H. (eds), 1911 Craspedote Medusen
Forbes, E., 1848 A monograph of the British naked-eyed Medusæ with figures of all the species
Goette, A., 1907 Vergleichende Entwicklungsgeschichte: Der Geschlechtsindividuen Der Hydropolypen
Hincks, T., 1868 A history of the British Hydroid Zoophytes
Johnston, G., 1838 A history of the British zoophytes
Kirkpatrick, P.A. & Pugh, P.R., 1984 Siphonophores and Veleliids
Rufford, P.J., 1902 Notes on British hydroid zoophytes and other subjects (polyzoan, conchological & geological)

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