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ENTOMOPHTHORALES G. Winter (an order of entomophagous fungi)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

ANCYLISTACEAE J. Schröt. (a family of entomophagous fungi) Family 2 subtaxa  
Conidiobolus Bref. (a genus of entomophagous fungi)
Genus 2 subtaxa 3 ident refs
ENTOMOPHTHORACEAE Nowak. (a family of entomophagous fungi)
Entomophthora (a genus of entomophagous fungi), eg: Entomophthora muscae (an entomophagous fungus) - False Oat Grass inflorescence with dead hoverflies
Family 9 subtaxa 8 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Samson, R.A., Evans, H.C. & Latgé, J-P., 1988 Atlas of Entomopathogenic Fungi
Waterhouse, G.M. & Brady, B.L., 1982 Key to the Species of Entomophthora sensu lato
Waterhouse, G.M., 1975 Key to Entomophthora

aquatic forms

Sparrow, F.K., 1960 Aquatic Phycomycetes

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Fungi s.l.

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Further Information

How to find Infected insects die during summer and autumn in conspicuous positions: on plant stems and even windows. They can be found on the undersides of smooth leaves on trees where good numbers can be easily found, or, more traditionally, by searching on damp rocks etc, eg beside water.
Lab. techniques Slide preps from small samples of the infection often fail to show the ripe sporangia necessary for identification - they are surprisingly efficiently ejected - but they can sometimes be sampled from hairs on the insect or even the substrate. With fresh specimens, adding a small leaf to maintain humidity and leaving overnight in a tube or covered on a slide may reward you with a halo of sporangia the following morning.

The sporangia stain well in lactophenol cotton blue.
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