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CICADOMORPHA (a superfamily of planthoppers)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Superfamily)

APHROPHORIDAE (a family of bugs)
Philaenus spumarius (Cuckoo-spit Insect), eg: Philaenus spumarius quadrimaculatus (a cuckoo-spit insect) - Adult - dorsal view
Family 4 subtaxa 3 ident refs
CERCOPIDAE (froghoppers) Family 1 subtaxon  
Cercopis vulnerata Rossi, 1807 (Red-and-black Froghopper)
Adult - dorsal view
CICADELLIDAE Latreille, 1802 (leafhoppers)
CICADELLINAE (a subfamily of leafhoppers), eg: Graphocephala fennahi (Rhododendron Leafhopper) - Male - dorsal view LEDRINAE (a subfamily of leafhoppers), eg: Ledra aurita (a leafhopper) - Dorsal view
Family 9 subtaxa 8 ident refs
CICADIDAE (cicadas) Family 2 subtaxa  
Cicada orni L. (a cicada) Species   1 ident refs
Cicadetta montana (Scopoli, 1772) (New Forest Cicada) Species   1 ident refs
MEMBRACIDAE (treehoppers)
Centrotus cornutus (Tree Hopper), eg: Centrotus cornutus (Tree Hopper) - Dorsal view
Family 1 subtaxon 1 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Buckton, G.B., 1890 Monograph of the British Cicadae or Tettigidae
Le Quesne, W.J., 1965 Hemiptera: Cicadomorpha (excluding Deltocephalinae and Typhlocybinae)
Ossiannilsson, F., 1981 The Auchenorrhyncha (Homoptera) of Fennoscandia & Denmark, Volume 2: families Cicadidae, Cercopidae, Membracidae,Cicadellidae,Deltocephalinae

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