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AVES (birds)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

ANSERIFORMES (ducks, geese, mergansers and swans, waterfowl)
ANATIDAE (wildfowl: ducks, geese, mergansers and swans), eg: Cygnus atratus (Black Swan) - Adults - lateral views
Order 20 subtaxa 11 ident refs
CHARADRIIFORMES (plovers and sea birds)
CHARADRIIDAE (plovers), eg: Haematopus ostralegus (Oystercatcher, Eurasian Oystercatcher) - Displaying, on mudflats LARIDAE (sea gulls), eg: Chroicocephalus ridibundus (Black-headed Gull) - Adult - winter plumage - front three-quarter view RECURVIROSTRIDAE (avocets and stilts), eg: Recurvirostra avosetta (Avocet, Pied Avocet) - Pair - close - lateral views SCOLOPACIDAE (sandpipers, curlews, godwits, stints, woodcocks etc.), eg: Calidris alba (Sanderling) - First winter juvenile - lateral view
Order 26 subtaxa 22 ident refs
CICONIIFORMES (herons, spoonbills and storks) Order 3 subtaxa  
ARDEIDAE (egrets and herons) Family 2 subtaxa  
Ardea cinerea Linnaeus, 1758 (Grey Heron, Heron)
Hunting, in shade of Weeping Willow
Egretta garzetta (Linnaeus, 1766) (Little Egret)
Species   1 ident refs
THRESKIORNITHIDAE (spoonbills and glossy ibises) Family 1 subtaxon  
Threskiornis aethiopicus (Latham, 1790) (Sacred Ibis) Species   1 ident refs
COLUMBIFORMES (pigeons and doves)
COLUMBIDAE (pigeons and doves), eg: Columba livia (feral) (Feral Pigeon) - Lateral view
Order 6 subtaxa 6 ident refs
CORACIIFORMES (kingfishers, rollers, bee-eaters and hoopoes) Order 1 subtaxon  
MEROPIDAE (bee-eaters) Family 1 subtaxon  
Merops apiaster Linnaeus, 1758 (Bee-eater, European Bee-eater) Species   1 ident refs
FALCONIFORMES (kestrels and falcons)
ACCIPITRIDAE (hawks, kites, eagles, vultures, kites, hawks, eagles, vultures), eg: Buteo buteo (Buzzard, Common Buzzard) - Buzzard - soaring FALCONIDAE (kestrels and falcons), eg: Falco tinnunculus (Kestrel, Common Kestrel) - Male - lateral view - head half-turned to camera
Order 8 subtaxa 5 ident refs
GALLIFORMES (game birds)
PHASIANIDAE (game birds), eg: Gallus gallus (Chicken, Poultry, Red Jungle-fowl) - Cockerel - lateral view
Order 8 subtaxa 8 ident refs
GAVIIFORMES (divers) Order 1 subtaxon  
GAVIIDAE (divers) Family 1 subtaxon  
Gavia stellata (Pontoppidan, 1763) (Red-throated Diver) Species   1 ident refs
GRUIFORMES (bustards, cranes and rails)
RALLIDAE (rails), eg: Fulica atra (Coot, Common Coot) - On land - side view
Order 6 subtaxa 4 ident refs
PASSERIFORMES (perching birds)
CORVIDAE (corvids), eg: Corvus corone (Carrion Crow) - Adult - lateral view FRINGILLIDAE (finches and crossbills), eg: Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Bullfinch, Common Bullfinch) - Dorsal view HIRUNDINIDAE (hirundines), eg: Delichon urbicum (House Martin) - Collecting mud from margin of puddle beside drive MOTACILLIDAE (wagtails and pipits), eg: Motacilla alba subsp. yarrellii (Pied Wagtail) - Adult - postero-lateral view MUSCICAPIDAE (flycatchers), eg: Erithacus rubecula (Robin, European Robin) - Adult - ventro-lateral view PARIDAE (tits, titmice), eg: Periparus ater (Coal Tit) - Adult - at feeder - lateral view PASSERIDAE (sparrows), eg: Passer domesticus (House Sparrow) - Feeding on bread PHYLLOSCOPIDAE (a family of birds), eg: Phylloscopus collybita (Chiffchaff, Common Chiffchaff) - Singing in winter tree PRUNELLIDAE (accentors), eg: Prunella modularis (Dunnock, Hedge Accentor, Hedge-sparrow) - Singing in bush SITTIDAE (nuthatches), eg: Sitta europaea (Nuthatch, Wood Nuthatch) - Adult - at feeder - lateral view STURNIDAE (starlings), eg: Sturnus vulgaris (Starling, Common Starling) - Juvenile in first winter plumage - lateral view - head up SYLVIIDAE (warblers), eg: Sylvia undata (Dartford Warbler) - Adult - lateral view
Order 53 subtaxa 36 ident refs
PELECANIFORMES (gannets, cormorants, shags and pellicans) Order 2 subtaxa  
PHALACROCORACIDAE (cormorants and shags) Family 1 subtaxon  
Phalacrocorax carbo (Linnaeus, 1758) (Cormorant, Great Cormorant)
Adult - lateral view
SULIDAE (gannets) Family 1 subtaxon  
Morus bassanus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Gannet, Northern Gannet)
Adult - in flight over sea
PICIFORMES (woodpeckers etc.) Order 1 subtaxon  
PICIDAE (woodpeckers etc.) Family 1 subtaxon  
Picus viridis Linnaeus, 1758 (Green Woodpecker)
PODICIPEDIFORMES (grebes) Order 2 subtaxa  
PODICIPEDIDAE (grebes) Family 2 subtaxa  
Podiceps auritus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Slavonian Grebe) Species   1 ident refs
Podiceps cristatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Great Crested Grebe)
Adult - on water
PROCELLARIIFORMES (shearwaters, petrels and albatrosses) Order 1 subtaxon  
HYDROBATIDAE (petrels) Family 1 subtaxon  
Oceanodroma leucorhoa (Vieillot, 1818) (Leach's Petrel, Leach's Storm-petrel) Species   1 ident refs
STRIGIFORMES (owls) Order 3 subtaxa  
CAPRIMULGIDAE (nightjars) Family 1 subtaxon  
Caprimulgus europaeus Linnaeus, 1758 (Nightjar, European Nightjar) Species   2 ident refs
STRIGIDAE (a family of owls) Family 2 subtaxa  
Bubo bubo (Linnaeus, 1758) (Eagle Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl) Species   1 ident refs
Strix aluco Linnaeus, 1758 (Tawny Owl) Species   1 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Dung identification

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Feeding signs

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Nests and eggs

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