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NEMATODA (roundworms, eelworms or nematodes)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Phylum)

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Tarjan, A.C., Esser, R.P. & Chang, S.L., 1977 An Illustrated Key to Nematodes Found in Fresh Water
Interactive Diagnostic Key to Plant Parasitic, Freeliving and Predaceous Nematodes: Interactive Diagnostic Key to Plant Parasitic, Freeliving and Predaceous Nematodes


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Platt, H.M. & Warwick, R.M., 1988 Free Living Marine Nematodes Part II British Chromadorids


European Limnofauna: European Limnofauna


Key to the parasites of British freshwater fish: Key to the parasites of British freshwater fish
Avery, R.A., 1974 (parasites of selected hosts) Identification of Animal Parasites

Plant galls

Darlington, A., 1968 A Pocket Encyclopedia of Plant Galls in colour
Redfern, M. & Shirley, P., 2002 British Plant Galls - Identification of galls on plants and fungi
Redfern, M. & Shirley, P., 2011 British Plant Galls
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Plant parasites

Anderson, R.V. & Mulvey, R.H., 1979 Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Canada
Southey, J.F. (ed), 1965 Plant Nematology

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