Ascomycetes (unidentified), (unidentified spore shooters)

25 Jun 2007 at OSGR: SU83 in Surrey, England

Record Summaryon olive green water-soaked patches on living Rhododendron leaves
Found asInfection
Date25 June 2007
Associated organismRhododendron ponticum
OS grid refOSGR: SU83
Lat/Lon51° 10' N, 0° 40' W
Vice CountySurrey, VC no: 17
Voucher25 Jun 2007[A]
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Notes: Olive green water-soaked patches on this year's fresh, living, attached Rhododendron leaves. Some of these have sparse troops of minute, whitish, hairy, immature fruitbodies, which age grey. Some patches also include circular spots with slightly paler brown concentric zones, which may or may not be due to the same infection.

The immature fruitbodies are complex with several distinct types of cell:
1. terminal chaetae - greyish, thick-walled, pointed.
2. saddle-shaped cells - brownish, thin walled, usually with a pair of lateral appendages below.
3. basal cells - clavate, often with a lateral apical projection like the aerial on a mobile phone, 1- or 2-septate.
4. basal hyphae - filamentous, with coralloid branching.

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