True Fungi (unidentified), (unidentified true fungi)

22 Apr 2007 at OSGR: SU83 in Surrey, England

Record Summarygrey leaf-spots on over-wintered leaves
Found asAnamorph
Date22 April 2007
Associated organismRhododendron ponticum
OS grid refOSGR: SU83
Lat/Lon51° 10' N, 0° 40' W
Vice CountySurrey, VC no: 17
Voucher22 Apr 2007[H]
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Notes: Large leaf-spots, 30-60mm diam., with wavy margin, on over-wintered leaves, usually starting from Vine Weevil damage along the margin or tip, (otherwise perhaps just the extreme centre drops out).

Upper surface: greyish-brown, weakly zonate to silver-grey centre, magin double with wavy black inner margin, separated by a pale band from a deep purple outer margin.

Under surface: brown, with central zone silver grey, otherwise hardly zonate, border double: narrow (<1mm) dark brown within, 1-1.5mm broad pale or greenish zone, then broader (1-3mm) pale purple outer margin.

Pycnidia not seen (appearance confused by Doratomyces stalk bases and hypophyllous punctiform colonies of sooty mildew/fly-speck fungus)

Pale punctiform superficial epiphyllous deposits (like extruded spore masses) in the brown zone. These contain cystidia-like cells, often with swollen 1-septate bases, but no spores seen.


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