Heringia ss. (unidentified), (unidentified Heringia ss. hoverflies)

29 Jun 2006 at OSGR: TQ31 in East Sussex, England

Record Summary2 larvae in Pemphigus bursarius galls on Lombardy Poplar
Found asLarva
Date29 June 2006
Reared, cultured etc(Date may be unnatural as specimen was cultured, reared, grown or otherwise kept in captivity)
Associated organismPemphigus bursarius
OS grid refOSGR: TQ31
Lat/Lon50° 50' N, 0° 0' W
Vice CountyEast Sussex, VC no: 14
Voucher29 Jun 2006[Z]
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Notes: From Pemphigus bursarius galls (29 June 06 [A]) on Lombardy Poplar (29 June 06 [B]).

Three intact galls and one cut in half (which had a larva in it) kept in a plastic box lined with kitchen paper. Dampened a couple of times. They went a bit mouldy but 2 females emerged (the second on 20 July 06).

Unfortunately only the males can be identified to species in this genus.

The following literature was used to identify this find:


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