Hebeloma sinapizans (Paulet) Gillet, (bitter poisonpie)

29 Sep 1998 at OSGR: SU56 in Berks, England

Record Summaryin moss (Tortula ruralis), Birch nearby
Found asFruitbody
Date29 September 1998
Associated organismTortula ruralis
OS grid refOSGR: SU56
Lat/Lon51° 20' N, 1° 20' W
Vice CountyBerks, VC no: 22
Voucher29 Sep 1998[C]
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Notes: Growing in small clumps
Veil: absent
Smell: weakly radish
Taste: bitter
Gills: not spotted
Stipe: white punctate with erect fibrillae towards apex, becoming denser up the stipe; broadly hollow at apex
Cap: sticky, guttulate, viscid in parts
Spore print: date brown
Cheilocystidia: cylindric-lageniform, subcapitate, hyaline. 57-100/5-8.5 at base and 5.7-10.3 at tip
Basidia: 4-spored
Spores: 11.7-13.7/6.5-7.2µm amygdaliform-limoniform; warty, apex smooth.

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