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Pezoloma ciliifera (P. Karst.) Korf (a discomycete)? (Identification not confirmed)

Pezoloma ciliifera (P. Karst.) Korf (a discomycete), Description and drawings

2. Description and drawings


Image Reference P90790
Magnification drawing drawing
Malcolm Storey Camera Lucida drawings scanned with HP Scanjet 5470c flatbed scanner. Most of these were named at the time, but many (most?) names have now changed due to advances in knowledge (or occasionally mistakes on my part).
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Record info

Warning: Identification questionable
Date: 29 April 1979 (Date may be unnatural as specimen was cultured, reared, grown or otherwise kept in captivity)
OS grid ref: SU83
Lat/Lon: 51° 0' N, 0° 50' W
Location: Vice County: North Hampshire, VC12, England
Voucher: 29/04/1979[A]
Stage or state: Fruitbody
Record Summary: on Marchantia polymorpha
Associated organism: on cultured thallus of Marchantia polymorpha
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