Triops longicaudatus
(a triops)

Taxonomic hierarchy:
SpeciesTriops longicaudatus (a triops)
FamilyTRIOPSIDAE (apuses)
OrderNOTOSTRACA (ORDER) (an order of crustaceans)
SubphylumCRUSTACEA (crustaceans)
PhylumARTHROPODA (arthropods)
SuperphylumECDYSOZOA (skin shedders)
CladeBilateria (bilaterally symmetrical animals)
SubkingdomEUMETAZOA (metazoans)
KingdomANIMALIA (animals)
DomainEukaryota (eukaryotes)
LifeBIOTA (living things)
Records of Triops longicaudatus (a triops) :
1: Triops longicaudatus (a triops)
4 Sep 2005 OSGR: ZZ00 44° 40' N, 10° 40' E United Kingdom
commercial sotck . Photos: Adult
Image 1: Dorsal view - dark backgroundImage 2: Dorsal view - pale backgroundImage 3: Ventral view

Triops longicaudatus (a triops) may be covered by identification literature listed under the following higher taxa:

BioInfoBioInfo ( has 0 host/parasite/foodplant and/or other relationships for Triops longicaudatus (a triops)
A species of Triops widely sold for rearing as a pet. The instructions are very precise and the resulting shrimp-sized crustacean is most endearing. Just make sure you kill any unhatched eggs with disinfectant before disposing of the water.

It may be expected to turn up in wild habitats, but allegedy requires warm water (73°F) for development so may only persist in artifically heated water.
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