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SYRPHIDAE (hover flies, drone flies, flower flies, hoverfly)

Sets of Photographs

These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # macrophotos Date Vice-county Country
Syrphidae Pupa 11 11 29 Jun 2006 East Sussex England


Rank Taxon #subtaxa #photos #macrophotos #microphotos #refs
Species Eristalinus aeneus (Scopoli, 1763) (a hoverfly)     11    
Species Eristalinus sepulchralis (Linnaeus, 1758) (a hoverfly)     8    
Species Eupeodes corollae (Fabricius, 1794) (a hoverfly)   10 11    
Species Eupeodes luniger (Meigen, 1822) (a hoverfly)   12 15    
Species Melanogaster hirtella (Loew, 1843) (a hoverfly)     15    
Subfamily MICRODONTINAE (a subfamily of hoverflies) 2        
Species Microdon analis (Macquart, 1842) (a hoverfly)   10      
Species Microdon myrmicae Schönrogge et al., 2002 (a hoverfly)     8   1
Informal (Microdon mutabilis agg.) (a group of hoverflies) 2        
Species Microdon myrmicae Schönrogge et al., 2002 (a hoverfly)     8   1
Subfamily MILESIINAE (a subfamily of hoverflies) 66 433 500 24 25
Subfamily SYRPHINAE (a subfamily of hoverflies) 33 166 306 9 10

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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In first couplet: translucent larvae count as "otherwise coloured". )
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