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SYMPHYTA (sawflies)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Suborder)

CEPHOIDEA (a superfamily of sawflies)
CEPHIDAE (stem sawflies), eg: Calameuta pallipes (a stem sawfly) - Female - dorsal view
Superfamily 4 subtaxa 1 ident refs
MEGALODONTOIDEA (a superfamily of sawflies) Superfamily   1 ident refs
ORUSSOIDEA (a superfamily of sawflies) Superfamily   1 ident refs
PAMPHILIOIDEA (a superfamily of sawflies) Superfamily 1 subtaxon  
PAMPHILIIDAE (a family of sawflies) Family 1 subtaxon  
Neurotoma saltuum (Linnaeus, 1758) (a sawfly)
Webs on Hawthorn
SIRICOIDEA (woodwasps)
SIRICIDAE (a family of woodwasps), eg: Urocerus gigas (Greater Horntail Wasp) - Dorsal view - wings apart
Superfamily 2 subtaxa 2 ident refs
TENTHREDINOIDEA (a superfamily of sawflies)
ARGIDAE (a family of sawflies), eg: Arge melanochra (a sawfly) - Female - dorsal view CIMBICIDAE (clubhorned sawflies), eg: Abia sericea (a clubhorned sawfly) - Male - dorsal view - wings apart DIPRIONIDAE (a family of sawflies), eg: Diprion pini (a pine sawfly) - Female - dorsal view TENTHREDINIDAE (a family of sawflies), eg: Tenthredo (Tenthredo) brevicornis (a sawfly) - Female - dorsal view
Superfamily 106 subtaxa 72 ident refs
XYELOIDEA (a superfamily of sawflies) Superfamily   1 ident refs
Unidentified Symphyta (Unidentified Sawflies)
Dorsal view - wings apart

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Sawflies discussion group: Sawflies discussion group
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on cherry trees

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Plant galls

British Galls: British Galls

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Further Information

Lab. techniques The saw is often needed to confirm identification of female sawflies. As it becomes quite brittle when dry it is best everted when fresh.

This can be quite tricky. The specimen should be temporarily pinned on its back and the saw can then be rotated upwards by 90° from between the two valves of the saw sheath. A mounted micropin (perhaps with a hooked tip) and/or very fine forceps are needed. Once it pops out it can be encouraged to stay by gently pressing at the base (in the crook of the "elbow"). The specimen can then be pinned in the normal orientation and left to dry with the saw pressing gently against the plastazote.
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