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Notes (MWS) A group of small flattened insects with considerable jumping powers. The adults are obligate parasites of warm-blooded vertebrates.

Most species are restricted to one or a few related host species, or species with similar habits. But (as any cat owner knows) displaced fleas are attracted to any warm-blooded animal, so any species might occasionally be found on an unexpected host.

The worm-like larvae live among detritus in nests. For this reason fleas are restricted to animals that build nests or, at least, return to the same home or burrow - Ungulates (cattle, horses, deer etc) do not have fleas.


Rank Taxon #photos #macrophotos #microphotos
Superfamily CERATOPHYLLOIDEA (a superfamily of fleas)      
Family CERATOPHYLLIDAE (a family of fleas)      
Species Amalaraeus penicilliger (Grube, 1851) (a flea)      
Subspecies Amalaraeus penicilliger subsp. mustelae (Dale, 1878) (Vole Flea)   2 13
Species Nosopsyllus (Nosopsyllus) fasciatus (Bosc, 1800) (Rat Flea, A Rat Flea)   2 24
Species Orchopeas howardi (Baker, 1895) (Grey Squirrel Flea)      
Subspecies Orchopeas howardi subsp. howardi (Baker, 1895) (Grey Squirrel Flea)   2 16
Family CTENOPHTHALMIDAE (a family of fleas)      
Species Ctenophthalmus (Ctenophthalmus) nobilis (Rothschild, 1898) (Rodent Flea, A Rodent Flea)   3 28
Superfamily HYSTRICHOPSYLLOIDEA (a superfamily of fleas)      
Family HYSTRICHOPSYLLIDAE (a family of mammal fleas)      
Species Hystrichopsylla talpae (Curtis, 1826) (Mole Flea)      
Subspecies Hystrichopsylla talpae subsp. talpae (Curtis, 1826) (Mole Flea) 2 1 12
Superfamily PULICOIDEA (a superfamily of fleas)      
Family PULICIDAE (a family of fleas)      
Species Ctenocephalides felis (Bouché, 1835) (Cat Flea)      
Subspecies Ctenocephalides felis subsp. felis (Bouché, 1835) (Cat Flea) 2 4 14

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Identification Works

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